2 million tickets have already been sold for 2018 World Cup

FIFA, is satisfied with the progress in ticket sales for the 2018 World Cup, which kicks off in 11 cities across Russia 14 June. FIFA Director of Competitions Colin Smith, who is currently in Yekaterinburg on an inspection visit with a delegation of FIFA experts, said the organisation was pleased with the high tempo of ticket sales for matches in all the selected Russian cities.

“Tickets are sold very well, more than 2 million tickets sold. More than 50% of tickets were sold to foreign fans, I think that the World Cup is a great opportunity for people to come to Russia” – stated Smith.

Almost half of the ticket went to Russians, the remaining half “flew” abroad: the leading countries were Europe (England, France, Finland, Germany), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil), Asia (Israel, China, Morocco, Egypt), as well as the US and Australia.

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