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Belarus prepares to allow online gambling

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed legislation that defines the gambling business. The legislation provides better definition to the industry, including the organization and administration of online gambling activity through a virtual casino.

The document has legalized online gambling in online casinos. Online gambling can be organized only by those with a special permission. Besides, there should be a guarantee deposit on a special account which will be used for payout or other payments in case of the financial insolvency of online gambling organizers. Tax authorities should have a remote access to online casinos; all casinos should be connected to a special payment system for the monitoring of money flows in the gambling business. Visitors of online casinos should undergo identity checks.

No gambling would be allowed for anyone under 21 years old. This is an increase over the current 18-year minimum and applies to all casinos, brick-and-mortar or virtual. The legislation also indicates that casino visitors are now prohibited from giving money to others so that they can gamble and all gambling facilities must have video surveillance systems installed.


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