BetGames.TV has entered into a partnership with NovusBet

B2B supplier BetGames.TV has entered into a partnership with provider NovusBet.

Under the deal, NovusBet will offer BetGames TV, a specialist in interactive gaming products, multi-channel games to customers across Eastern and Southern European, Africa and Latin America. NovusBet and BetGames.TV will provide the games in Spanish, English, Russian, Romanian and a number of African languages.

The agreement includes all titles such as ‘Bet on Poker’, ‘Bet on Baccarat’, ‘Dice’, ‘Dice Duel’, ‘Lucky5’, ‘Lucky6’, ‘Lucky7’, ‘War of Bets’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

“It’s our aspiration to provide as always the best live gaming experience and to support NovusBet expansion in all the markets in which they are actually working”, – stated Danilo Patella, director sales Southern Europe at BetGames.TV.


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