Caesars suggests «100-year partnership» with Japan

Las Vegas giant Caesars Entertainment unveils plans for the Yokohama Art & Culture Park and Entertainment Resort, as it launches its 100 Year Partnership for Japan campaign.

As part of its programme, Caesars has included a number of announcements tied to initiatives in the country, all designed to help set it apart from the competition. The concept is based on The Great Wave, an ukiyo-e piece crafted by Japanese artist Hokusai. The IR would carry the name “The Yokohama Art & Culture Park and Entertainment Resort,” but is up against some strong opposition.

Caesars added that it was designed an innovative casino entry system exclusively for use in Japanese IRs. The system uses smartphones to initially register the customers and then to subsequently track each entry into the casino, as well as to monitor for possible problem gamblers.

The operator also said that it has already spent around $223,000 on responsible gaming initiatives in the country. Those funds were first allocated last February, meaning it spent just over $30,000 each month on the program. Caesars added that it will now allocate an additional equal amount, more than likely to be spent just as quickly.

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