Esports Entertainment Group joined forces with MoneyMatrix

A licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on esports wagering Esports Entertainment Group joining forces with MoneyMatrix to launch a payment processing service on its wagering platform.

MoneyMatrix Ltd, part of the EveryMatrix Group, is a licensed, regulated Financial Institution which has partnered with 60+ solution vendors to create a multi-solution, multi-currency portfolio, giving all merchants access to over 150 Payment, Risk, AML and KYC solutions via one single API.

Esports Entertainment chief executive Grant Johnson said: “Esports customers transact in many currencies and forms from major credit card processors to e-wallets and local payment solutions, so providing them with flexibility and security is paramount to their satisfaction. In addition, MoneyMatrix provides anti-money laundering tools, transactional and risk management data that is consistent with our philosophy of providing the safest, most secure, transparent and regulated esports wagering platform in the world”.

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