Gambling activity up in Italy almost doubled

Pisa branch of national research council CNR published an annual results, according to which gambling is on the rise in Italy. The study revealed that at least 17 million people gambled at least once in 2017, up considerably from the 10 million figure that was registered in 2014.

While the number has increased significantly in the last few years, activity among teenagers has declined. Approximately one million people were aged 15-19, down from the 1.4 million people that gambled at least once in 2014. Nevertheless, the number of young people that are vulnerable to gambling addiction was on the rise in the south of Italy.

Today 45 operators are active in the Italian gaming market, which renewed their licenses two years ago. Another 47 companies have active licenses until the end of 2022. If 80 applicants receive the necessary permits for activities, the number of gambling operators in Italy will exceed 170.

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