Gambling advertising in Italy is no more

The Italian parliament has approved a ban on all advertisements for gambling, including on TV, radio, and online, with hefty fines for those failing to comply.

The decision comes after a push by Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Populist 5 Star movement, Luigi Di Maio. He first submitted his advertising ban “Dignity Decree” in June and, after the bill passed, said, “This is the first decree for decades that hasn’t been dictated by lobbies and vested interests. Finally ordinary people have scored a point”.

The ban technically goes into effect on January 1 next year. However, any company that has a current contract that is not set to expire until after that date will be given an extension until June 30.

This question certainly looks like it is going to rumble on for the near future. Many will be keeping a close eye on media groups that heavily rely on gambling-related revenue to see what level of compliance they can adhere.

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