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Ivan Rozic, Head of Business Development, talks about success story of Nsoft

– What are three reasons of success story of Nsoft? Please share with us! 

– It basically boils down to one simple fact-determination. Doing any kind of business in Bosnia and Herzegovina poses a challenge due to many administrative and tax related obstacles, which are driving young entrepreneurs away from Bosnia and Herzegovina. NSoft managed to overcome these obstacles and focus on developing its own products for betting industry, which has deep roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounding countries. This enabled us to be in full control of our own destinies in a globally growing industry. Nowadays, the majority of NSoft’s income comes from outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina and we no longer look at geographical reach of our products but instead focus on making sure the product quality and innovation is in the core of our mindset.

– Is it true that you have a huge impact of gaming software providers being present in Eastern Europe?   

– NSoft has launched successful partnership in well over 30 countries worldwide but originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina and spreading our business in surrounding countries made our presence in Eastern Europe more significant than in other regions. However, our philosophy has always been that we need strong and reliable partners if we are to reach the top of the industry which makes NSoft very open to any kind of collaboration with any of the gaming industry market players.

– Which are the most popular ways of online gambling in the Eastern Europe – Casino, Sports Betting, virtual games, online poker or even bingo? 

– Sports betting is the most dominant force obviously but I have to mention that the impact of Virtual Games is much bigger than in other regions. I believe that the reasons for this lay in the long lasting presence of retail betting shop in almost all Eastern Europe countries in which Virtual Games have been allowed by the regulators and are extremely popular with the punters. It is not a big surprise to see these preferences transferred onto the online segment of the business.

– Belgrade Future Gaming – is a next stop where NSoft has planned to showcase its product suite. What will you present in Belgrade?

– NSoft as an official sponsor for the third consecutive year aims to strengthen business relations and promote Belgrade Future Gaming as a reunion base for all important industry decision makers.

The variety of virtual sports games as well as draw based games found in NSoft’s portfolio will satisfy bookmakers and their preferences. The best performer Lucky Six, NSoft customers favourite game and a proven profit generator, offers numerous six citing betting options and enables customers to boost their revenue. Being Betradar’s Certified Gold Partner confirms NSoft’s commitment to  excellence in providing services of highes quality and reliability. By offering a comprehensive software solution including ​Pre-Match Betting and ​Live Betting​, NSoft’s SportsBook provides plug and play solution in no time. One more demo novelty will be presented during this show – Nsoft Vision. It is an advanced video surveillance software running complex face recognition system which stole all of the attention at this year`s ICE Totally  Gaming Expo in London.

– What are the future plans and projects of Nsoft? 

– Nurturing creativity and innovation within the company has led us to many interesting project. Some of them, such as Pre-Match Self Managed application  which gives complete control over trading and risk management in operator’s omni channel presence in the market, are deeply focused on the gaming industry where we are looking to expand our portfolio of partners and customers by observing the data and collecting direct feedback from betting operators around the world.  Other projects definitely go well beyond the gaming industry and find their use in many other aspects of business. A prime example of this is NSoft’s Vision project that provides a high-tech video system equipped with facial recognition software allowing our partners deep and systemized segmentation of their retail customers in order to approach them with a curated and relevant content when engaging them.

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