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Konnikova is the new PokerStars Ambassador

Author, journalist and now professional poker player! Maria Konnikova is the new Ambassador for PokerStars after her gradual transformation from a writer to woman of action. She switches pencils and papers for the green table since she agreed with PokerStars to become a pro. In January 2017 she started participating in live poker tournaments only because she wanted to do real time research for her new book “The Biggest Bluff”.

Konnikova contacted Erik Seidel and he met him a few days later. She explained him her plan and Seidel agreed to coach her. He then introduced her to Phil Galfond who also agreed to help her become a poker player. A year later, in January 2018, Konnikova won a 1650 USD buy-in no-limit Hold’em National at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) for 84600 USD! She also banked 30000 USD Platinum Pass for the 25000 USD buy-in PokerStars Player’s no-limit Hold’em Championship.

It was the time she realized that things are not always how we believe they are. Konnikova appeared to have a talent she didn’t know it existed and when PokerStars asked from her to become “unofficial” ambassador for their brand, she grabbed the opportunity. After more tournaments and more winnings, the company and the author decided to move to the next level. She is no more “unofficial”, but a “PokerStars Ambassador” as the press release explained.

“I like things that challenge me” said Konnikova: “I like a strategic, intellectual and emotional challenge and poker challenges me in all of these ways.”


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