Lottovate launched a new lottery in Netherlands

The company Lottovate, owned by the Zeal Group, has developed a new lottery Raffld – the first in the Netherlands lottery after almost thirty years.

This lottery is focused primarily on the Dutch “millenials” – people aged 22-36 years, a group that makes up a quarter of the population of the Netherlands, but does not regularly play the lottery or donate to charity. According to the Zeal Group, almost two thirds (62%) of the population play the lottery twice a year or less.

Developed based on player feedback, Raffld gives players the chance to win experiences they can share with their friends rather than money.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of Lottovate Netherlands, said: “Raffld is a different type of lottery. It’s about winning experiences to share with your friends, not money. By creating a product for people who don’t currently tend to play the lottery – so-called millennials – it opens up an entirely new pool of funding for charities. With a guaranteed winner every week, that means it’s a win, win”.


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