Oulala signed a partnership with Bravio

DFC fantasy operator Oulala expands its activity and monetized platform into the Indian mobile market via a new partnership with Bravio.

Under the terms of the agreement, Oulala will work with the Australian B2B and B2C-provider of online digital entertainment to penetrate the “relatively unexplored” area. Bravio recently acquired a mobile marketing agency Mobimedia India and will be able to use this business to support Oulala for expansion.

«The Indian audience loves football, and it’s a logical step to offer them a DFS platform based on skills. We aim to launch in India quite quickly and follow up in Myanmar with a new low-key solution. We can also offer our games based on DFS skills to the Australian market in the 2018/19 season», – said about further plans Richard Boyd, technical director of Bravio.

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