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Parimatch opened bets on the existence of aliens

It seems that the bookmaker Parimatch decided to work on the principle, the more insane news about you, the more you are a recognized bookmaker. Last week, we reported that Parimatch began to accept bets on fishing, as you get a new masterpiece.

Parimatch.com proposes to answer the question, when the existence of extraterrestrial civilization will be proved (on the basis of the official statement of the US president). Among the options are 2018 (the coefficient for the probability of this event is 12.0), 2019 (coefficient 15.0), and also the option “2020 year or later” (coefficient 1.1).

“The theme with aliens attracts a lot of lovers of ufology. The maximum bet was already $ 500, which is an impressive amount for an event not related to sports”, – says Ilya Kurochkin, marketing director of Parimatch.com.

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