Podolski opened a kebab restaurant in Cologne

World Cup winner 2014 Lucas Podolski opened a restaurant in his native Cologne, along with “Mangal Doner”. The restaurant will specialize in Oriental dishes, including kebab and shawarma.

Over 1,000 hungry fans packed into the city’s Chlodwigplatz. “You eat doner kebabs when you’re young, when you’re still playing and when you’ve finished playing – it’s a perfect solution,” – Podolski explained his business plan, which came 50 percent from his heart and 50 percent from his stomach.  In June last year Podolski opened an ice cream cafe in Cologne.

The footballer’s spokesman, Sebastian Lange, said «the euphoria is very, very great, contrary to expectations, and Podolski is very happy with the launch». The soccer star plans to run the restaurant with two co-owners.

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