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Poker Night LIVE will air on CBS Sports Network

Poker Night LIVE will debut at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on CBS Sports Network starting March 20th and will air, every Tuesday, for 13 weeks.

The live show will be a more celebrity centric version of the popular PNIA cash game, only with lower stakes so the stars can just have fun and let loose, with no worry about making mistakes. The show will be shot on location from the Gardens Casino, located just south of Hollywood, CA.

Todd Anderson, Rush Street Vice President, said his new poker show will have “familiar faces” and a fun atmosphere: “This is the latest exciting step as we continue to revolutionize how fans can watch poker. Anything can happen on live TV and probably will with a table filled with celebrities!  The viewers will be able to see and hear everything that’s happening, just as if they are another player sitting at the table”.

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