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PokerStars presented an updated version of online poker

As part of expanding the services of the poker brand, PokerStars presented a new version of online poker called PokerStars Power Up. The new version combines the traditions of classical poker and aspects of modern video games.

The strategy of the game is built on the format of unlimited Hold’em Poker Sit & Go, in which you must pay an entrance buy-in of $ 1, $ 3, $ 7 or $ 15. The game starts with the fact that participants are given on hand two cards and two forces out of four – Clone, Intel, Disintegrate, Scanner.

Executive Director of The Stars Group, Rafi Ashkenazi stated that poker has been more than two hundred years, and the popularity of the game is determined by the constant development. The company decided to make its contribution to the improvement of the famous card game, releasing a new version, which will be interesting not only to professional players, but also to amateurs.

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