Red Rake Gaming launches video poker service

Developer of software for online casinos Red Rake Gaming launches 20 different types of video poker. The player can choose anything from one hand up to 50 hands simultaneously. User can choose the cards that they want to keep on the table and try their luck by attempting to get the winning hand in the game variety. Each of the 20 modes will have a hand that wins bigger prizes than in any other mode.

There is also an exciting mini game. Each time the player obtains a hand with a prize, they can multiply their winnings by two by choosing between red and black. For the players who like to bet big, they can choose between the 4 suits of the deck in order to multiply their prize by four!

A lot of care and dedication has gone into this new release by the Valencian company, Red Rake Gaming, and once again what stands out is the quality of the graphics and playability, to the extent that you feel like you are in a real casino.

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