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Scott Burton, CEO of EsportsPools, talks about its esports daily fantasy site.

– How did it all start? How did you get on the Esports stage?

– We were originally involved in traditional sports prior to moving our focus exclusively to esports in 2014.  We had a team of gamers and had been following the space, especially watching what was happening with the Twitch viewer statistics.  That in part was what convinced us that the next generation would be bigger esports fans than traditional sports fans and we wanted to be positioned early.

Not everyone was convinced that there would be betting activity so we developed the first esports daily fantasy site, esportspools.com, in 2014.  The success of that site convinced us that there was a market for the products and we began working on our full suite of esports betting products.

Which areas and game disciplines are prioritized for EsportsPools?

– The first title we tested on esportspools.com was CSGO so we will always have a soft spot for it and first person shooters.  Our new site ESP.bet covers most disciplines but shooters and MOBA’s are the bulk of our activity.

– If we talk about the popularity of the resource – are you satisfied with the current state of things, or do you have more optimistic expectations?

– We still esports betting as nascent and we are very optimistic for the future of our products.  Not just for the ESP brand but for our white label offering.  We have a lot of interest in that platform from existing operators and non-operators who want to get into the space.

– With the development and improvement of the Internet connection, many gamers began to stream their games. Do you think that streams are an integral part of e-sports? Why does the community like to watch how others play?

– Streams are an integral part of esports and a big factor into success we are seeing now.  Without the interest to watch others play there wouldn’t be a betting market.  Without all the eyeballs on it we would not be seeing all of the investment from non-endemic brands and professional sports teams/leagues entering the space.

I think people like watching others play for the same reasons that people like to watch traditional sports.  Watching is an emotional experience for people when they love a player or a team. With streamers there are a number of reasons people like to watch others play.  There is the learning aspect, watching a pro stream to trying and get better themselves.  This brings with it strong connections to the professional player like you do not get in traditional professional sports.

Watching can be social as well.  Following and interacting with the streamer and their other fans creates a group of fans with shared interests.

Entertainment is another reason.  Some streamers are there to purely entertain their fans and do a great job of it.

All of it provides an escape from any day-to-day issues to relax and have fun.  Everyone looks for this and esports and gaming have a unique offering that does it better than a lot of other activities.

– Should we expect a more traditional betting product from EsportsPools in the future?

– It’s already here.  We recently launched ESP.bet that is available in many regions now.  It has real money pre-match betting, side markets, daily fantasy, content and the best in-play betting experience available today.

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