Ukrainian lottery operators want to work openly

Или как мягко избежать скандала на этнической почве.

Lottery operators of Ukraine have personally expressed their desire to raise up the level of lottery games in Ukraine. Representatives of the lottery industry signal that the government rejected the business in the 90’s, when the credibility of the game was zero, and the industry had no prospects.

In the early past 15% of the adult population played in the lottery in Ukraine. This is four times less than, for example, in the UK. But the market grew from year to year, until in 2014 when it had a turning point.

Now, the M.S.L lottery operator initiated the process of international evaluation of its systems according to the standards of lottery business safety control, developed by the WLA world lottery association. After all, all the leading lottery companies of the world have such a check passed. Standardization of WLA was also supported by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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