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“Wolfsburg” opened e-sports academy

VfL Wolfsburg was the first German football club to get involved in esports and who creates its own Wolves E-Academy academy, which will increase the experience and professionalism of new players.

Across several qualification phases, young players are being asked to demonstrate their skills with a controller in order to qualify for the Grand Final, which is due to take place between May 25-27 in Wolfsburg. There the best 16 players will fight for places in the Wolves E-Academy under the watchful eye of an expert panel.

VfL CEO Dr. Tim Schumacher believes the Wolves E-Academy is the next important step in the Wolves’ e-sport development: «Alongside our partner CosmosDirekt, we’ve been able to introduce an academy concept that is unique. Furthermore, VfL Wolfsburg has cemented its role as a leader in e-sport and is giving talented youngsters a chance to live out their passion for the FIFA series together with the Wolves».

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