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Yggdrasil Gaming presents first desktop game Sonya Blackjack

The developer of gambling software for the casino Yggdrasil Gaming announced the launch of the first desktop game Sonya Blackjack.

The novelty is a clear gameplay and a 3D dealer with motion capture technology, so that the user is completely immersed in the atmosphere of the game. Creation provides operators with complete personalization, including a dealer and a larger casino atmosphere.

Up to three players can sit at a single table, with more having the option to stand. Players can watch others, including seeing how much they are betting and winning. Like in any respectable Blackjack game, the product offers all standard options including Insurance, Even Money, Split, Double and Double after Split, as well as some special features unique to Sonya Blackjack.

“We’ve witnesses unprecedented interest in the product since we first introduced it at ICE. Never before has a table game product been so customisable. With our 3D modelling, operators have unlimited opportunities to create brand- and event-specific environments, at a significantly lower cost than with live dealer. We look forward to seeing Sonya in action and will continue to drive forward the table games vertical over the coming months in much the same way we have with slots”, – stated Yggdrasil CPO Krzysztof Opałka.


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