Yggdrasil signed a partnership with Eurobet

A provider of the game software Yggdrasil Gaming continued the expansion of the Italian market with a deal with one of the largest operators of the Eurobet.it.

Eurobet will have access to a full portfolio of Yggdrasil games, which are certified according to Italian rules. The operator will also receive a collection of Yggdrasil in game advertising tools, BOOST and a tool for sharing the social resources of BRAG.

“Yggdrasil continues to make significant progress in Italy, and this deal with Eurobet.it will help attract more customers. We have made a strategic commitment to expand our presence in Italy and partner with reputable operators, such as Eurobet.it is an important part of this process”, -said Yggdrasil CEO Fredrik Elmquist.

Yggdrasil in Scandinavian mythology is a world tree, a giant ash that represents the universe. This tree, covering the entire planet and all the players, which became the company’s logo.

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