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Abandoned casino on the Black Sea

Constanța is the oldest inhabited city in Romania located on the Black Sea coast. Today we offer you to plunge into an abandoned Constanta Casino, which was opened in 1910.

Built by order of King Charles I, the building survived two world wars and was used as a casino on the Black Sea. Included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of Romania. Let’s look for ghosts

The atmosphere here a bit spooky. Hundreds of pigeons are nesting inside and a family of cats eats the. The air is heavy and a creepy sound of the wind coming in through the broken windows is dominant when you enter. Even now, when the building is in a desolate condition, you can imagine how luxurious it must have been

These windows overlook the Black Sea

Theatre hall

The casino worked 24/7, it was well guarded and it was almost impossible to get here without permission.

Beautiful staircase and amazing chandelier

Pink Hall

During the Second World War, Constanta was the main naval base of Romania, repeatedly subjected to strikes by ships and aircraft of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. During these times, a military hospital was located in the casino building

The last overhaul here was in 1988. In recent years maintaining casino infrastructure has become too expensive, and in 1990 the building was closed and abandoned

Make-up rooms behind the stage

View from the balcony of an abandoned casino on the city of Constanta

Collapsing ceiling in the bar

And here is the abandoned bar in an abandoned casino

A submission to Europa Nostra to restore the building highlighted the severity of the damage

Lavishly decorated rooms at Constanta Casino are now rotting

There is no horror from this place. The pedestrian zone around the casino is a popular leisure place for couples and, in general, for family holidays. It is rumored that the government allocated 9.5 million euros for reconstruction, but that it was planned for 2015, but nothing happened


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