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2019 is a brand new casino portal on the web, trying to bring a sense of totality: You couldn’t ask for more information from a casino site, ever the well-established ones. As the administrators say in their welcome message, their vision is to give every players regardless of level (beginner to professional) all details they need before deciding which casino to choose and play. They try to combine all sources (rankings, ratings, bonuses, guides) to a few clicks. This is very ambitious, and so far they seem to get things done.

If the site is updated

If you have a lot of information, you should design your website in such way that all details should be just a few clicks away, to facilitate the visitors. That’s what they’ve done in, setting both horizontal and vertical menus in the front page, so a visitor can actually find what he wants at the first glance. It might seem an exaggeration, as in both menus there are same options, but this is a philosophy I don’t disagree with: Make the visitor look comfortable and don’t confuse him.

As already said, there’re plenty of lists. At the horizontal menu you can choose from “New Casinos”, “Best Casinos”, “No Deposit Casinos”, “Free Spins” and a series of general categories with a drop down list (Casinos, Mobile, Software, Banking, Games, CasinoPedia). The vertical menu has almost the same general categories (Casinos, Bonuses, Mobile, Software, Games, Banking, Casinopedia) with a bunch of sub-categories presented downwards.

There’s a lot work which has been done, but with a user-friendly way. No words in reviews, just numbers and facts. That’s very convenient for me, as with all these casinos available it’s easier to compare numbers and decide. There are some juicy lists, like Live Dealer Casinos, Fast Payout Casinos and No Account Casinos, not found in every casino portal available.

Special offers

At they insist in offering bonuses, where a player can keep his winnings. That’s the most fair treatment, as all casinos offer bonuses, especially no deposit ones, but few allow a player to keep what he’s won after wagering the money. So, they’ve focused on these 100+ casinos of the total 1.331 they’ve rated, to offer a visitor a real positive experience, winning money above the casino excitement.

Instead of writing hundreds or thousands of words on reviews, allows the visitors themselves to rate the various casinos available. Every user can post his views and rate a casino in three ways (gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal) or award a black medal, warn other players of visiting them. That’s a procedure which adds credibility and transparency, as they administrators don’t interfere to visitor’s comments.

If the user experience is good

Well, if you’d like to be informed about the best casinos online, this is certainly a place to be. They’ve been around just a few months, but already they’ve rated more than 1.300 casinos operating worldwide. You can find information dedicated to your mother tongue (if there’s a language version) or restrictions (if the casino is available in your country according to established laws). Everything you want is just a few clicks away. There’s also a Casinopedia section with useful guides for beginners about Baccarat, Backgammon, Blackjack, Keno and Slots.

If it’s modern

At first glance, you could feel that you’ve typed the wrong address, visiting a dating site instead (sorry guys!). All this intense pink color is not familiar with gambling. But as you scroll around and surfing in various pages you get accustomed to it and even feel this is exciting. A unique choice, whatsoever. They know how to distinguish from the others. Surfing is convenient, information is accurate and plenty.

If it’s social media friendly

The Twitter account is their only active social media effort, being active in the main website too (there’s a Twitter button in the bottom of the start page). It’s at the starting point, so it’s not worthy to mention numbers of followers and tweets. I assume that they’ll soon put some energy on gathering visitors around.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, Casinofreak has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,4) ♠♠♠♠

No doubt, is a credible corner when it comes to online casino information. A fine work, containing all the details you need.  They’re also trying to distinguish themselves from the others, which is the most difficult thing in my opinion. They really deserve a visit.

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