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A casino news website dedicated to a specific country is something we bump into all the time in recent years. But a casino portal in the Spanish language, instead of more popular English, is always interesting. is covering all aspects of casino games and news for Spanish-language Peru residents. But it’s a project interesting to visit even if you live nearby or you’re familiar with the Spanish.

This website is dedicated to casinos operating legally in this beautiful Andean country. The target group is clear: all Peruvians, who are interested about casino news, bonuses and slots. In this multi-tasking casino guide, a visitor can find everything he would like to know about casinos. From the latest slot machines on the market, both free and for real money, to bonus offerings and online casino reviews.

If the site is updated is a newcomer to the slot machine industry. It has been launched in 2020, less than a year ago. Their big plus is, of course, presenting all information in the Spanish language, so the access to the audience targeted is more than direct. Spanish is not the sole official in Peru, as two native languages, Quechua and Aymara, have also official status. But the vast majority of Peruvians understand Spanish, and few of them (especially in the big cities) are familiar with English. Although English is getting more and more popular in Peru, whoever has to promote and communicate in the country has to do it in the language everybody knows.

Τhe website is ultimately updated, as it covers almost all casinos with a legal operating license in Peru. A visitor can have accurate information about promotions and exclusive bonuses, free slots and other free casino games, and many tips and hints about legal and secure play in this country.

The main menu is minimal, containing only four major categories: “Casinos Peru”, “Top Casinos”, “Online Games” and “Casino Guides”.

In the “Casinos Peru” section, which is the main page, you can find a list with six casinos registered in Peru. They’re ranked by the website’s administrators. In each, there is information about the non-deposit bonus, the first deposit bonus and payment methods. There’s also a full review in Spanish with everything you’d like to know.

On every page you could find useful information about all details concerning slots and casino games, opening accounts, depositing and withdrawing funds, and all games available in online casinos. This useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), all in Spanish, is a big, big plus especially for apprentice punters.

Special offers 

In every online casino entry, there’s a bonus amount, especially a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus. You can claim it by clicking the “Jugar Ahora” (Play Now) button. 

If the user experience is good

There’s all the information you need about slot machines, you can have easy and quick access to them and you can fully understand all information given. As mentioned before, this website can be used as a general source of information, you can find anything to want and be ready to have fun in a legal online casino. The “Casino Guides” section is nearly complete.

If it’s modern 

As it’s only some months old, the website is not old-fashioned. They tried to get a serious profile, though. A visitor can understand at a glance that they invest in the quality of the content rather than jiggling around.

If it’s social media friendly

This is a section where we could expect some action in the months to come. As the website is rather new, there are some social media created, but not currently active. The Facebook page, the Twitter account and the Google Plus account are ready (there are specific buttons at the bottom), but not yet exposed to the public. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists, which are ads themselves, has no other advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all casinos listed are fully reviewed.

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠ is a complete guide when it comes to the Peruvian casino market. The “Casino Guides” section could attract a much wider audience than just Peru residents, as the information could be used by nearly anyone. But also they have the advantage of speaking the native language.

Affiliate’s name: Casino Online Peru
Year of establishment: 2020
Main traffic markets: Peru
Preferred business model: Rev Share
Contact of affiliate manager:

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