e sports betting tips
e sports betting tips

E Sports betting tips – Free daily predictions

Gamblerspost offers the best e Sports betting tips for 18 May 2024 on League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike : Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota2, Starcraft 2, Rocket League and other popular eSport game.

Here at Gamblerspost, we feel it’s our duty to do our best every day to inform you on special predictions and provide the best E sports betting tips! Our experts introduce you to all major tournaments. In addition, we will also try to provide you with the best betting odds and forecasts on major tournaments in the eSports universe. We have summarized our many years of experience in the sports gambling industry and our know-how on the subject of E Sports betting.

E Sports betting tips of the day

DateSportCompetitionMatchPredictionBet TypeOdds
16-MayeSportsCS:GOMOUZ - Virtus.pro11X2n0r1.401.40weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayeSportsDOTA2Gaimin Gladiators - Team Liquid11X2n0r1.751.75weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayeSportsDOTA2Team Falcons - Boom11X2n0r1.201.20weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayeSportsLoLGen.G - Bilibili21X2n0r2.202.20weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayeSportsSCIISolar - DRG11X2n0r1.301.30weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballChampionshipLeeds - NorwichOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5n0r1.651.65weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballDenmarkCopenhagen - MidtjyllandUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.5n0r2.202.20weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballDenmarkCopenhagen - Midtjylland11X2n0r1.801.80weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballSpain LaLigaAlmeria - Barcelona21X2n0r1.501.50weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballSpain LaLigaAlmeria - BarcelonaOver 3.5Under/Over 3.5n0r1.901.90weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballSpain LaLigaReal Sociedad - ValenciaUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.5n0r1.251.25weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballSpain LaLigaReal Sociedad - ValenciaBTTS NOBTTSn0r1.651.65weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayFootballSwitzerlandYoung Boys - St. Gallen11X2n0r2.152.15weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingSalisbury14:30 - Pawapuriplaceplacebomb4.004.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:15 - Copper Knightplaceplacebomb11.0011.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:15 - Looking for Lyndaplaceplacebomb19.0019.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:15 - Marine Waveplaceplacebomb7.007.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:45 - CruyffTurnplaceplacebomb20.0020.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:45 - Navagioplaceplacebomb20.0020.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork14:45 - Point Lynasplaceplacebomb8.508.50weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
16-MayHorse RacingYork15:15 - Ininite Cosmosplaceplacebomb8.008.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
17-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueMumbai Indians - Lucknow Super GiantsMarcus StoinisMVPbomb11.0011.00weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
17-MayeSportsCS:GOENCE - fnaticOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5n0rBETweekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
17-MayFootballFrance 2Rouen - Saint-EtienneBTTS YESBTTSn0r1.651.65weekdayPreviousn0rPrevious
17-MayFootballFrance 2Rouen - Saint-EtienneX1X2bomb3.703.70weekdayPreviousbombPrevious
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaBayer 04 Leverkusen - Augsburg1 (-1)Handicapn0r1.701.70WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaBayer 04 Leverkusen - Augsburg11X2n0r1.301.30WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaBayer 04 Leverkusen - AugsburgOver 0.5 HTUnder/Over 0.5HTn0r1.301.30WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaEintracht Frankfurt - RB LeipzigUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.5n0r1.651.65WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaEintracht Frankfurt - RB LeipzigX1X2bomb4.004.00WeekendTodaybombToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaUnion Berlin - FreiburgOver 1.5Under/Over 1.5n0r1.351.35WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaUnion Berlin - FreiburgX2Double Chancen0r1.901.90WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaUnion Berlin - FreiburgUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.5n0rBETWeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaWolfsburg - MainzUnder 3.5Under/Over 3.5n0r1.451.45WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1. BundesligaWolfsburg - Mainz1XDouble Chancen0r1.601.60WeekendTodayn0rToday
18-MayFootballGermany 1.BundesligaBayer 04 Leverkusenwinnerwinnerbomb3.003.00WeekendTodaybombToday
18-MayHorse RacingNewbury14:25 - James's Delightplaceplacebomb8.508.50WeekendTodaybombToday
18-MayHorse RacingNewbury15:00 - Goodwood Odysseyplaceplacebomb11.0011.00WeekendTodaybombToday
19-MayFootballItaly Serie ASasuolo - Cagliari1/1HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballItaly Serie AUdinese - EmpoliX/1HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballPremier LeagueArsenal - Everton1/1HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballPremier LeagueBrentford - NewcastleX/2HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballPremier LeagueLiverpool - Wolves1/1HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballSpain LaLigaGranada - CeltaX/2HT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
19-MayFootballSpain LaLigaValencia - GironaX/XHT/FTn0rBETWeekendTomorrown0rTomorrow
20-MayBasketballNBADenver NuggetsWest Conf winnerwinnern0rBETweekdayUpcomingn0rUpcoming
20-MayFootballEuro 2024Francewinnerwinnerbomb4.504.50weekdayUpcomingbombUpcoming
21-MayIce HockeyWorld CupSwedenWin Group Bwinnerbomb2.302.30weekdayUpcomingbombUpcoming
23-MayeSportsCS:GOBOSS - Take Flyte21X2n0rBETweekdayUpcomingn0rUpcoming
23-MayeSportsSCIIStats - Dark21X2n0r1.401.40weekdayUpcomingn0rUpcoming
26-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueChennai Super Kingswinnerwinnerbomb6.006.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueChennai Super Kings - Mumbai IndiansFinalwinnerbomb15.0015.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueDelhi CapitalsFinish bottomwinnerbomb7.007.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueFaf du PlessisTop Runscorerwinnerbomb21.0021.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCricketIndia Premier LeagueMohit SharmaTop Whicket-takerwinnerbomb34.0034.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCyclingGiro d'ItaliaLaurence PithiePointswinnerbomb25.0025.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCyclingGiro d'ItaliaMichael StorerWin a Stagewinnerbomb3.503.50Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayCyclingGiro d'ItaliaThymen ArensemanYoung Riderwinnerbomb4.504.50Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
26-MayFootballSpain LaLigaReal Madridwinnerwinnern0r1.301.30Dayweek1Upcomingn0rUpcoming
26-MayIce HockeyWorld CupUSAwinnerwinnerbomb4.004.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
1-JunAntepost Horse RacingEpsom16:30 - Frosvenor Squareplaceplacebomb13.0013.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
1-JunAntepost Horse RacingEpsom16:30 - Ghostwriterplaceplacebomb25.0025.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
1-JunAntepost Horse RacingEpsom16:30 - God's Windowplaceplacebomb35.0035.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
1-JunAntepost Horse RacingEpsom16:30 - Illinoisplaceplacebomb40.0040.00Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
1-JunFootballChampions LeagueReal Madridwinnerwinnerbomb6.506.50Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming
29-JunCricketT20 World CupSouth Africawinnerwinnern0r2.202.20Dayweek1Upcomingn0rUpcoming
13-JulTennisWimbledonOns Jabeurwinnerwinnern0r2.202.20Dayweek1Upcomingn0rUpcoming
14-JulFootballEuro 2024Francewinnerwinnern0r2.202.20Dayweek1Upcomingn0rUpcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Max Verstappenwinnerwinnern0rBETDayweek1Upcomingn0rUpcoming
8-DecFormula 1Formula 1Mercedeswinner (w/o Red Bull)winnerbomb3.503.50Dayweek1UpcomingbombUpcoming

The relatively young market of online betting on eSports has now found its serious “global players” who share the market among themselves. All top bookmakers provide betting options and opportunities on E Sports. Note also, that there are new bookies in the market, specializing on this new market which boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic, since most of the sports stopped, while eSport competitions continued normally. Here you can check more LoL betting tips, or  CSGO tips, or even DOTA2 betting tips and predictions. 

What are eSports?

Every competitive match played on a computer, gaming console and/or mobile device, is part of the eSports universe. Professional video gamers are treated like royalties at esports tournaments, and are celebrated like pop stars and fill entire arenas with their presence! Not only in Asia where the madness began, but even in Europe and North America, one can no longer speak of just one trend. More and more spectators follow the eSports events in this country too. Even in FreeTV, eSport is now given airtime.

World championships are held in Europe and watched by thousands upon thousands of visitors – including impressive prize money in the millions. You can understand the growth of eSports just by noticing that all major football and basketball clubs have entered the arena creating their own teams! 

Because of the growing interest, eSports bets are not only extremely interesting from a betting provider point of view, but also have some advantages for tipsters compared to classic betting sports. At first glance, a rather curious advantage is that bets on eSports, precisely because any online betting site avoided it for such a long time, often have very good odds.

But the explanation is plausible: You won’t find experts in this area so easy, in comparison with other major sports such as football, basketball and others. Accordingly, some betting providers find it difficult to find out what they consider to be the best odds. 

And this is a big advantage for players! 

What types of bets are on offer and e Sport betting predictions

In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, many bookmakers also have a large variety of special bets in their program. At top eSports bookmakers you will find a separate eSports section. This will be packed with betting options as possible and great odds. A good variety in betting markets is important. Especially when the outcome of a game seems obvious. Let’s say you don’t want to bet on the favorite at tiny odds or speculate on the underdog. What do you do? You take advantage of any other markets available.

The most common eSports betting markets are:

  • Tournament winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Number of wins (over/under)
  • Number of kills (over/under)
  • First Blood (who makes the first kill)
  • First to 10 Kills
  • Pistol Round Winner
  • Team wins at least one map

Why to bet on eSports?

  • Great eSports odds: Since the market is new, most bookmakers often offer above-average odds on favorites.
  • Massive odds-differences: eSports betting market is young. That’s why there are enormous differences in the odds bookies offer. 
  • Bonuses: Many bookmakers are new to eSports sports betting universe. Therefore they will offer a interesting bonuses or free bets on eSports new registered players.
  • New betting options: There’s a wide range of special bets (first kill, 10 kills, map winner, number of kills, etc.). And this makes eSports more entertaining.
  • Live streaming : You don’t have to rely on match-centers packed with numbers. Now you can watch every game in free live streams on Twitch, Youtube. Most competitive games are live!
  • 365 days calendar: If there is no interesting football game, then take a look at the best eSports betting section of your favorite gambling sites. Often, eSports events take place exactly when other sports are on a break from broadcasting. 

E Sports major games and tournaments

Best esports betting sites and top bookmakers are currently concentrating on four major game titles League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike : Global Offensive (CS:GO) , Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 are the most popular games, since the competition started almost a decade ago and now there are great international tournaments in the calendar, in which top professional teams and players compete. 

But, also  major eSport providers offer bets on other games, such as Hearthstone,  Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) , Call of Duty (CoD) , Overwatch , FIFA Soccer , World of Tanks, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and others. Note that the biggest eSports events in 2019 were:

  • 2019 Fortnite World Cup (prize money: $ 100 million)
  • League of Legends World Championship (prize money: $ 2.25 million)
  • Dota: The International (prize money: $ 25 million)
  • Call of Duty World League (CWL) (prize: 6 Mio Dollar)
  • Counter Strike: IEM Katowice (prize: $ 1 million)
  • The Overwatch League (Prize money: $ 5 million)
  • HALO World Championship (prize money: 1 million dollars)
  • PUBG Global Championship (prize: $ 2 million)
  • Fortnite Secret Skirmish (prize: $ 0.5 million)
  • DOTA 2 Asia Championships (prize: 1 million dollars)

Tips for successful esports betting

Take your time to research 

The importance of this first step cannot be overestimated. It always makes sense to only bet on the games you know how to play, rather than all game genres and popular sports.

Pick a game or two and learn the game tactics, the history of the organizations and teams behind them. You should follow at least one or two teams on a regular basis to keep track of player changes and daily performance.

Before betting on a team’s victory, you should analyze their previous games. Above all, you should take a close look at the historical matches of the same opponent teams. The favorite teams usually have a long history in which they compete against each other over and over again. It won’t be long before you have the data you need to form your own opinion about the possible outcome of the game.

In the meantime, you may like one team or player better than the others. However, it is not a good idea to bet on your favorite team. You usually leave too many emotions on and not bet against your team.

One of the things you should understand in your research is that it is better to rely on numbers and bare facts than on someone else’s biased opinion. Sometimes comments about the chances of a team or player against another team or player are made and published in order to mislead the eSports bettor and steer the odds in a certain direction. Not to mention, that opinion could just be wrong.

Choose a credible betting platform

If you’ve done enough research, you will surely be very excited to place your first bet on esports. Depositing to the first-ever esports betting website you’ve heard of anywhere is a bad idea. Also, find out about the choice of betting provider, check the licenses, look at the reviews, welcome bonuses and other betting offers. And take the time to read the fine print – the terms and conditions section. Pay special attention to the list of restricted countries and exit conditions. This is certainly time-consuming at first, but pays off in retrospect.

Start small

However confident you may feel when you place your first tip, we recommend that you place small bets first. Because now is the time when you can experiment and gain experience with different types of bets. For example, how the odds change in the course of a game or a tournament. Try yourself out and develop your own betting strategy. Don’t forget to withdraw your first winnings so that you can complete the account verification process.

Beware of high odds

You might be tempted to bet on the team with the highest odds, as this is where the highest win is of course. However, taking advantage of your high odds chances is only a good idea if you have enough experience in both gaming and betting and perhaps have some inside knowledge.

Know when to stop

If you lose on a bet, do not try to force the money back and increase your stakes or the number of bets. Sometimes it’s better to let go and get some distance. You are sure to find a wide variety of betting strategies on the internet that will tell you to try to increase your bets after losing one, two or even three times in a row. We strongly advise against it. The risk is too high that you will want to win “by force” and that emotions will prevail. This can lead to huge losses with even greater frustration.

The eSports games you bet on require experience and in-depth knowledge. The outcome of a match does not depend on a random number generator, as in the case of online casino games. So why risk everything and turn eSports betting into a game of chance?

Make it worthwhile

A favorite is playing against a no-name team in a CSGO tournament qualifier, and you know you’re sure to bet on the more experienced team. The match ends exactly as you expected and you get your well-deserved euros – mostly at very poor odds. Was it worth the time you spent looking for the game and researching the teams? Very doubtful and the betting sites count on it!

Placing winning bets is certainly useful in the beginning in order to gain experience.

Even if you’ve had a bad streak, you can follow our e Sport betting tips and break your losing streak. Big profits are not guaranteed here, however. We can only give the tip here based on our experience and our experts knowledge of the market: In any case you should also do your homework! So, keep an eye out for transfers, new teams and promoters and collect information that the betting provider may not have in order to form your own opinion and this knowledge advantage to use. This is how you can find good odds and make higher profits.

e Sports betting FAQ

Where can I bet on e Sports?

You can choose between every top bookmakers and place your bet. Also you can check which legal betting site offers a free bet or a great welcome bonus and the best gamble options. Remember though, to read through terms and conditions of each offer before accepting it! Check out our Gamblerspost top providers.

Is virtual sports betting legal?

eSport betting is actually the same as sports betting on the Internet. The best gambling operators get their licenses through regulatory authorities and are allowed to offer their odds even on e Sports matches and tournaments. So if you are not locally prohibited from sports betting, eSport betting is also completely legal – provided according your age you are allowed to place bets in your country. And this way you can use our Gamblerspost e Sports predictions to maximize your winning chances.