Exclusive Interview with Arthur Silva, Head Sports Operations, Sportsbet.io : “Crypto is the answer to bureaucratic and slow processes in payments”

Sportsbet.io is the leading crypto sportsbook, offering a wide range of events to bet on with Bitcoin, as well as several other crypto- and fiat currencies. If you haven’t heard of this operator, you may have seen our logo on the shirt of Watford FC in the English Premier League, or Copa Libertadores champions, CR Flamengo. 

From the early days, Sportsbet.io have always looked towards technology as their vehicle for innovation. That includes everything from making transactions more secure, to speeding up withdrawal times as well as supporting the latest products.   Regarding the pandemic, there’s no hiding the fact that many operators have felt its effect, especially when it comes to the interruption of the Premier League and major sports events around the world. 

However, as Arthur Silva, Head of sports operations at Sportsbet.io tells exclusive to Gablerspost “crises can often lead you to discover new opportunities. For us, it has provided us with a chance to look at areas of the business that were not originally on our roadmap as priorities. We’ve found that having a pragmatic but positive mindset has allowed us to excel, even in such challenging times”. 

– Are the challenges posed post-COVID-19 your main focus right now? Could you share your plans on how you intend to face these challenges?

Arthur: We had a simple approach from the moment the scale of the crisis became clear: we needed to ‘keep our shelves full’ for players. That essentially meant offering a fantastic experience to customers even during a time when most elite sport had been postponed. Regardless of the landscape around us, we will always pivot to ensure our players have a fun, fast and fair experience when with us. 

This period was actually a really great opportunity to think outside the box, guided by the voices of our players. As a result our selection of esports and esports-related events has been significantly bolstered over the past months; we’ve even just announced a partnership with Imperial Esports! 

Our plan of continual adaptation will remain in place. We’ll listen to our players and, of course, seize any opportunity we feel is right for our community.

– Every era has its own wind of change. What do you feel is changing during these past couple of years in the iGaming market? Is there anything has captured your attention recently?

Arthur: I have to mention the payments revolution and in particular our mission of strengthening and spreading our crypto roots. Simply put, there is no space for bureaucratic and slow processes in payments anymore. Players want speed and security. Crypto offers a direct solution for the iGaming industry. 

– If you had to rate all of your company’s achievements, which one would be top?

Arthur: For me personally, it’s being the first licensed crypto sportsbook to grace the shirts of such footballing institutions as Flamengo and Watford. It is undeniably an impressive achievement. This momentum and drive is just one of those things that makes you move from Brazil to Estonia to be part of this amazing journey!

– During this digital age and in the iGaming industry, what sets Sportsbet.io apart from the competition?

Arthur: It’s the mindset of putting the players at the centre of our universe, by constantly working to provide a platform that’s meeting and exceeding their wishes. 

Our players are always front of mind for us and that’s enabled us to develop a really great Sportsbet.io community. You can go through a long list of assets which could differentiate us but ultimately, our community is the lifeblood of Sportsbet.io. They drive us.

– What are your plans for 2020 and beyond?

Arthur: Work tirelessly to make sure our products are robust enough to support growth without compromising quality for our players. The COVID-19 crisis is really shining a light on our strengths, as we are forced to face the challenge and innovate our way through it. 

In 2020 and beyond, we’ll also keep working to cement our brand by engaging in activities which reflect our values of being fun, fast and fair. We’ll also look to strengthen our offerings and platform, inline with our players’ demands; that’s a task that will never stop for us. 

– How much potential is there for growth, and in which markets is the scope the greatest?

Arthur: If we work smart, not even the Moon is our limit! Crypto is, of course, in our DNA. We believe that though we’re seen great growth in the sector already, there’s plenty more to come. 

We also closely observe high potential markets that are living a unique moment, whether it be changes in regulation or those on the cusp of digital revolution. For instance, sponsoring the biggest football club in Brazil and bolstering our brand in such a high-growth market. 

On top of the ongoing crypto expansion, I believe that the social aspect of gaming should and will be explored further in the near future. Newer generation products, especially related to esports for example, will also take a more prominent spot in our industry as a direct result of the events of 2020.

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