Exclusive interview with Gamzix CEO Alexandr Kosogov: “It is a great time to bring fresh blood in the iGaming industry”

New game developer and supplier Gamzix stormed the iGaming market in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic proving that out of crises can emerge new and incredible opportunities. Gamzix – a rising star in the industry- is offering a continuous expanding casino games portfolio. Gamblerspost sat down with Alexandr Kosogov to get his thoughts on the future of the industry and a sneak peak of what we can expect from Gamzix in the future.

  Alexandr, thank you for your time and first of all, please tell our readers a bit about Gamzix! 

 Gamzix it’s first of all people! High skilled professionals who know how to bring high quality products to market in shotterst term. Gamzix is a young team who was brought together in December 2019 with some great ideas to develop great products. In June 2020 we’ve already released our first 5 games and today we have already 8 games in our expanding portfolio!

 – Unfortunately, we can’t avoid talking about the COVID-19 pandemic impact on every industry and especially iGaming. How did this affect your business plans, since you launched in the middle of this crisis?

Every crisis, and every non-standard situation, is the time to prove yourself. If you have the ability to be flexible, to leave and forget everything that troubled you in the past, you can reach new heights. So, we perceive this time as a good time for new blood on the market.

Every era has its own wind of change. During those past couple of years in the gaming industry we saw main changes, mostly on devices which players use to play slot games. All mobile devices get larger and wider screens, that’s why today’s phrase “mobile first” could be transformed into “vertical adaptation for mobile first”.

 – Where do you believe new opportunities exist?

For us new opportunities will be on fresh regulated markets, because a young company such as ours, could be more flexible and enter new markets quicker than the biggest ones.

 – If you had to rate your company’s achievements, which one would be on the top?

Our team is the biggest achievement. You could have hundreds of games, hundreds of contracts, but someday everything could be collapsed (as example COVID-19 for a lot of land-based businesses). But when you have great team even if something go wrong you can start everything again from the scratch

Product quality is hidden in the smallest details. So, we are just trying to do every part of our job in the best way and bring high-quality products to market. And that sets our games apart from the competition in a high demanding era in the iGaming industry.

–  Which game is your favourite? Is there any game from the mainstream suppliers you wish your company had developed?

I like the Megaways idea, this feature spread out around the world. This is really something new in slot games. 

 – What are your plans for 2020 and beyond?

2020 for us as a runway and our plan is to take off as high as possible. We already have several good contracts and it’s only the start of our great journey! There is potential for growth!

I think that during the next years a lot of new regulated markets will appear, so it will have good potential for growth. Today we are in progress of receiving Italian and Romanian certificates to bring the product there. Also we have Spain, MGA, and the UK in our roadmap! 

It’s a great opportunity for a young company to enter new markets and become a leader there.

–  Gamzix is a relevantly new game developer and supplier. Could you share some of the difficulties you’ve experienced and overcame?

The main difficulty is to gain trust for your product. We’re working on it every day and every hour to share more information about us with more details. Reputation is like a flywheel – first you work on it to spin, then it spins and works for you.

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