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All websites in gambling industry provide information, offers and bonuses addressing to visitors, gamblers or wannabe gamblers. All of them? There are few exceptions, such as, which is addressing mainly to gambling websites administrators or wannabe administrators. An excellent idea, which has a far more wide audience than expected.

If the site is updated

As this website provides information about affiliate programs, updates are crucial for its existence and credibility. All affiliate programs provided are active and there are many changes, as the affiliate programs of many gambling websites change from month to month.

In the horizontal main menu there are six main sections. Four of them try to bring together all similar affiliates. There are “Casino Affiliates”, “Poker Affiliates”, “Betting Affiliates” and “Bingo Affiliates”, so you find quickly and accurately what you look for.

Every category is tirelessly analyzed into subsections. In the “Casino Affiliates” section you can find a list about “Casino Affiliate Programs”, “Best Casino Affiliate Programs” providing a ranking list and a “Best Commissions for Casinos” list. All other sections are presented by similar way.

The “Main Programs” section provides a total list about the best affiliate programs, regardless of sector (Casino, Poker etc.) and the “Main Networks” section shares information about the best Affiliate networks in use nowadays.

Of course, there are individual reviews about specific websites affiliate programs. There’s a brief presentation of every online gambling website and a series of hints and tips about their affiliate program. There’s also contact information and payment methods.

Special offers

As doesn’t address to gamblers, there’re no details about bonuses, offers and all this stuff, which is so popular in other websites. However, you can find information regarding bonuses and offers through the various gambling website reviews. All details provided about affiliate programs sound like offers into gambling information websites administrators’ ears.

If the user experience is good

At first sight, it seems like a technical website, not bothered about tempting the audience with jiggling banners and impressive design. It’s something like a guide for beginners, administrators who would like to get credible information about affiliate programs and compare them to find which is best for their needs. However, the usage and the interest of this website goes further than that. As I’m no website administrator, I find very interesting to be informed about several affiliate programs and their mode of function. I caught myself dawdling around for some hour there.

If it’s modern

There’re some signs of modernity, but that’s not the point. As this is a brand new website, they didn’t have time to grow old. They’ve created a formal-type portal and they insist on this.

If it’s social media friendly

I couldn’t say. In lower left frame there are many social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), so many that they create ambitions. But none of them is existing. This is not a mainstream information website, but they could attract a lot of existing or potential gamblers.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the lists and the reviews about bonuses, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,2) ♠♠♠

With over ten years of experience marketing gambling related affiliate websites, gamlingaffiliateprograms’ administrators have been involved with a large number of gambling affiliate programs. They’ve experienced every type of gambling affiliate program. The main reason behind ‘Gambling Affiliate Programs’ was to pass on this extensive knowledge of the gambling industry onto fellow website owners. It’s this regular interaction with account managers at the top level at some of the best gambling affiliate programs that’s enabled them to negotiate exclusive deals for their visitors. So whether you prefer to work on a CPA basis or revenue share, you’re more likely to get a better deal by joining a new affiliate program.

Affiliate’s name: Gambling Affiliate Programs


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