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How Can Slot Sites Use Data to Improve the Player Experience

The data revolution has changed the face of online gambling forever. More accurate tracking and analytics have opened the door to a flood of data for slots sites and casino operators to chew on, delivering a level of customer knowledge that was, until relatively recently, simply unattainable.

Whenever a player gambles online, casino operators are now able to collect a host of invaluable data in the background, including personal identity information, financial details, gambling patterns and individual player preferences. This information is key to informing the player experience, affording slots and casino operators the insights they need to provide a more personalised, targeted offering.

The net result should be a player experience that is more personal, engaging and enjoyable at the front end, while driving more value for casino operators as this feeds through to the bottom line. But how can slots sites practically collect and use this data to build a better platform for their players?

Knowledge is Power

Information collected through online slots play is protected by SSL encryption, and customers can feel safe in the knowledge that any data gleaned is shielded from all third parties.

Reassuring players of this is the first step for any slot site that wants to make full use of the data. While this is covered by a variety of regulations, and overseen by reputable regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission, trust is the starting point for collecting and using personal information to the mutual benefit of player and operator.

Knowing how players are interacting with various features and games is key to providing greater personalisation, with sites more able to serve up targeted recommendations and bonuses, as well as optimising their entire offering for customer preference, as a result of this knowledge.

It also helps from a practical perspective, informing design, game and content choices to better meet the needs of players. With a data-led approach, casino operators can better serve their customers, allowing players to enjoy a more relevant end-to-end experience.

Building a Better UX

With a stronger overview of player journeys, slots sites can fine-tune their UX to deliver a better experience. Confusing language or navigation can be identified by looking at the pathways to customer support, eliminating common bottlenecks and allowing for optimisation of both online and mobile experiences.

Monitoring player behaviour data can also show which games are popular, how long players are spending on different games, which CTAs are delivering and which aren’t, and a raft of other insights – critical to presenting the optimal gambling experience for customers.

In conjunction with AI and machine learning, data can also be used to personalise bonuses, or customer support options through 24/7 live chat and chat bot support, to deliver a level of personalisation that would be impractical without this degree of technical support. A more personal experience for players is invariably a better one, and players are now placing a greater emphasis on slots sites that deliver on these factors.

Personalisation of this kind is also something review sites are increasingly looking at when reviewing and rating slot sites, as a result of the overall impact on the player experience. Players inevitably want a slot site that fits with their playing patterns and preferences, and those operators that do take advantage will be rewarded with a more loyal customer base.

Better Player Safety

Data can also be put to use in shoring up player safety, a key element of a good player experience. Players that may be excluded or on a time-out can be flagged automatically when trying to bet, while individual betting patterns and deposits can be monitored to identify unusual behaviour or risky betting – well before things get out of hand. Data and automation allows for customer support outreach when issues are identified, allowing slots sites to be more attuned to the realities of how players are betting on their sites.

Using data to ensure a safer playing environment can help slots operators meet their obligations to responsible gambling, while ensuring players are better protected against gambling risks. This goes beyond a moral obligation – it actually matters to players, to the bottom line, and to regulatory compliance.

Personalise to Optimise

Better results for players and slots operators alike come from more personalized experiences. With great swathes of data now available to casino sites automatically, it has never been easier to deliver a truly personal slots experience.

With the added help of tools like AI and machine learning, optimizations can be made to deliver an almost tailor-made gaming experience to players, which ultimately leads to more enjoyable betting. As ever more slots operators switch on to the real power of personalization, it’s now more important than ever to harness this data for good – for the benefit of players and the wider iGaming industry.

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