How popular are Real Money Online Games in 2020?

Playing online games for real money is a growing trend all over the world. But it’s been particularly popular this year, especially after COVID-19 forced people to stay indoors for long hours. Interestingly, countries, where iGaming was illegal, are now legalizing the industry.

So, why is everyone suddenly interested in real money online games? Is it a desire to win money or do people just have a lot of free time? According to studies, it’s a little bit of these factors.

Supportive Gaming Laws

Although online gaming has been around for over two decades, it became a global trend only a few years ago. In the US, most people couldn’t access online casinos until 2018. In Canada, players thought it was illegal to play casino games until five years ago.

In the meantime, many European countries have also legalized iGaming in the past decade. Where it’s not yet legal, laws don’t prohibit it. As such, you can play casino games at foreign websites without getting into trouble with your country’s authorities.

In other words, it’s now possible to play real money online games in many parts of the world. And because of that, the iGaming industry generates over $70 billion per year. What’s more, it consists of tens of millions of players.

Genuine and Safe Casinos

An increased number of countries with legal online gaming laws means there’s also a rise of genuine casinos. Also, finding a safe gaming website is easy. That’s because license providers play an important role in rooting out fraudulent and unsafe operators.

Casino regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority license new gaming websites under strict conditions. For starters, the MGA vets the officials behind a company to ensure they’re professionals and have no history of criminal operations.

After that, the regulator verifies the games and payments method to confirm that a casino provides fair and safe services. Usually, the licensing process is rigorous and for good reasons. It’s designed to ensure that only safe companies get licenses to serve people like you.

That said, choosing an online casino real money website takes more than checking for a valid website. You want the best gaming site available. And that requires plenty of research to learn more about a company’s payments, bonuses and customer service delivery.

Crucially, look for mobile casinos. You might want to play slots or roulette on your iPhone or Android devices sometimes. Mobile-friendly gaming websites make it possible.

Helpful Bonuses

As mentioned, bonuses are part of the reasons that make a casino desirable or undesirable. If you get a helpful offer—let’s say no deposit free spins, you should pick them. In contrast, if an offer requires that you spend too much as part of its terms and conditions; then you should skip it.

Luckily for you, the Internet is full of casinos that provide great bonuses. All you need is to compare the many offers out there and choose those that suit you the most. Most people pay the most attention to welcome bonuses. And it’s easy to see why.

If you must join a new casino site, you want it to have some great bonuses for you. Let’s say a first deposit reward with few or no wagering requirements. Or a free bet for sports punters. Then you want some more rewards on your second and third deposits.

If you’re like many people, you like casinos that also provide loyalty bonuses. No one wants to deposit money at a website that doesn’t reward loyalty. Instead, you want a cashback, loyalty points or VIP rewards if you’re a high roller.

Broad Range of Payment Methods

For a long time, one of the biggest hindrances of playing real money online games had to with payment methods. There were few ways of funding a casino account, especially if you lived in a country where iGaming wasn’t legal.

Those days are gone and for the best. In 2020, you have plenty of banking options regardless of where you live. It also doesn’t matter whether your country permits online gaming. If you’re interested in real money online games, there’s a way around all payment obstacles.

Of course, you don’t want to break your country’s gambling laws. But if you live in a country where online casinos aren’t banned, then you can play slots, poker or blackjack online. All you need an e-wallet account like PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe, Neteller or Qiwi.

Alternatively, you could use a credit/debit card like Visa, or MasterCard. And if you’re more tech-savvy, you can pay through Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero. Most countries where casino gaming is legal also permit payments through bank transfer.

And the best part is that payment limits are flexible. You could deposit as little as $10 at most gaming websites. Or you could spend up to $20,000 if you’re a high roller. When you win, withdrawing your profits is equally seamless.

Lots of Games for Everyone

Today’s online casinos have hundreds of slots and table games. Most of them are simple to play and only require luck to win. So, no matter your tastes, there’s always something for every type of gamer.

Slots are the most popular casino games online. They dominate the market so much that some casinos make 90% of their profits from slots alone. Should you play these games? Yes, but choose high-paying slots. Also, select games from renowned developers. They tend to have all the best features.

On the flip side, table games are suitable for people that like to use strategies and skills to win. Take poker as an example. It requires a fair degree of luck to win. But the skills are more important. Blackjack is also a game of chance. But some people win consistently by utilizing special strategies or counting cards.

Although table games aren’t as popular as slots, they encourage social play. You can play poker with a friend, usually at live dealers. All you need is a web camera and a stable Internet connection. Note: you can also get card game bonuses.

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