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How To Find The Most Trustworthy Online Bingo Sites

As an online bingo newbie, choosing where to play can feel daunting. For many players, it’s just a case of recognising a name from advertising, or playing online with the local bingo hall, purely because it’s near your home. But there are better ways to choose a bingo site that’s worthy of your time, attention and money, and not every site you’ve heard of is automatically a great place to play.

Online bingo can quickly turn out to be less fun than it should be if you end up playing through a disreputable site. Sadly, the world is full of scams, incompetence, bad customer service and combinations of all of the above, and bingo sites are by no means immune. Even just misleading bonuses or slow payouts – these are things you need to know before signing up, and factors you should always be considering when trying to find somewhere trustworthy to play.

So what can you do to narrow down the most trustworthy online bingo sites, and once you’ve found a bingo site, how can you verify that you’re playing somewhere safe?

Third Party Recommendations – Find Trusted Bingo Review Sites

The first port of call for anyone looking for somewhere to play is online reviews. It goes without saying that the reviews of bingo fans who have come before you can inform your own judgments, similar to reading reviews for any product or service you’d buy online. If other people are reporting a good time, you can have a bit more confidence that you’re playing somewhere safe.

However, it’s also important to recognise that despite best efforts, some reviews will be false – usually the most glowing, 5-star recommendations. So what’s a bingo lover to do?

Review sites bridge this gap, providing a more in-depth insight into different bingo sites, how they perform and what they have to offer. Reputation comparison sites that publish detailed reviews of bingo sites, bonuses and promotions tend to be the first place we’d recommend for getting a feel for the market. Consider that review sites are professionals – they’re playing bingo and comparing different sites every day, and will often share the good, as well as the bad, with any particular site.

Look for comprehensive reviews, professional language and design, accurate information and demonstrations of industry knowledge – things like gaming guides, and plenty of information about safer gambling. These are usually markers of quality in a review site, giving you the assurance you can put faith in their judgements about different bingo sites.

The recently overhauled Best Bingo Websites is a great example of a professional review site with a reputation for reliability. Crucially, their reviews are unbiased, and actually look at the negatives, as well as the positives, of the operators they review and recommend – the ideal  starting point for a safe bingo journey.

Licensing and Regulatory Oversight

Aside from professional reviews and write-ups, there are more direct, tangible things you can point to when assessing trust and safety in your bingo sites of choice. Chief amongst them is licensing, and the presence of external regulatory bodies, such as the Great Britain Gambling Commission.

As a rule, don’t ever play bingo at a site that doesn’t hold a licence from one of the major global licensing authorities. The most reputable jurisdictions include Great Britain, Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, and Isle of Man. Licensing information should always be displayed in the footer of any bingo site, and you should be able to cross-reference their licence number with the relevant authority for extra peace of mind.

Being regulated by one of these bodies gives you an assurance of fairness, and at the very least, the security of knowing a government somewhere is keeping an eye on what’s going on. It’s a baseline expectation for any gambling site, bingo or otherwise, and it’s essential to only ever play at sites where there’s a regulator involved.

Also look for things like auditing reports from third party auditors such as eCOGRA. These auditing bodies run tests on the random number generators used by gambling sites to make sure they are fair, so you can be confident you’re not getting cheated.

Encryption, Payment and Customer Service

Other factors too should weigh in on your decision, including whether the site uses SSL encryption, 128-bit data encryption, RSA encryption algorithms and TLS. At a minimum, look for the padlock symbol in the address bar – this shows that the site is protected to industry standards from hacks and data theft. One of the easiest ways to rule out a bingo site is where the padlock symbol isn’t present – a lack of encryption runs the serious risk of falling victim to hackers, which isn’t top of anyone’s wishlist.

Payment too is another factor – reputable bingo sites should always come with a host of different payment methods supported. Look for VISA, Mastercard and the usual array of debit card payment support, as well as ideally support for e-wallets, to give yourself the best coverage.

And in terms of customer support, you should always be looking to make sure there is customer support on hand if you need it. You will need to interact with support sooner or later – ideally your bingo site should be offering up 24/7 support via live chat, or at least decent phone and email chat support.

Taking Safer Gambling Seriously

An important part of being a responsible, and therefore trustworthy bingo site lies in the approach to responsible gambling. While bingo is typically seen as fun and lighthearted, it is still a gambling product which needs to be taken seriously. Trustworthy sites know there is a duty on them to protect players from the harms that can come with gambling addiction, and will often link to tools and resources for help, education and encouragement.

When it comes to assessing whether a site is trustworthy or not, this is just another marker of quality – something you want to look out for to be sure you’re at the right kind of place to play.

Choosing an online bingo site doesn’t have to be daunting, and with the right guidance, you’ll find a safe, trustworthy place to play. So long as you do the research before committing yourself, you’ll be in a good place to have a safe and enjoyable bingo experience. 

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