Online Casino Zed Review

Online Casino Zed is a site geared around providing helpful information for online casino players in Canada. There are tonnes of guides to assist regular, casual, and new players to find the best places to play online casino games in Canada.

The following review will cover and its content from guides to lists and rankings.

Website Sections Summary

There are six main pages on the Online Casino Zed website, each accessible from a button at the top of the screen. These are split into different topics surrounding online casinos making the site easy to navigate. There is also a search function alongside these for any specific thing you may be looking for.

The primary pages are as follows:

  • Online casino
  • Live casino
  • Casino bonus
  • How to play
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Slots

Online Casino Page

There is a list of the top 10 online casinos accessible to players in Canada at the top of this page. Each website is ranked using a star system that makes it easy to compare platforms to one another. Helpful information about each online casino can also be found in this section such as the number of titles in their libraries, the minimum wagers required, and the licensing held by each platform.

There is then a list of features that good online casinos are likely to have. This list explains each feature and why it is important in making an online gambling platform successful. This is followed by a long list of 50+ online casinos playable in Canada with reviews for each. The reviews for these casinos are explained in the next section with a pros and cons feature.

You can also see some of the top online casino slots games you can play at Canadian casinos with reviews linked to each. A short guide on how to sign up is usefully placed beneath these which is perfect for new players.

On this page, you will also find a guide to safe payment methods. A table of deposit and withdrawal methods gives an easy-on-the-eye comparison with limits and durations prominently displayed.

Other guides on this page include online casino bonuses, no deposit casino bonuses, and online gambling laws in Canada. The latter is particularly worth reading if you are an online gambling novice in Canada as regulations are broken down into each province. It is also worth mentioning the breakdown of land-based Canadian casinos if you aren’t familiar with these.

Lastly on this page is the frequently asked questions page, which answers questions about mobile play, age restrictions, and other legality queries.  

Live Casino Page

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The live casino page begins with a rundown on what exactly is a live casino is. There are thorough sections on legislation surrounding live casino play, how to play, and how to pick an appropriate platform. 

The next section is a familiar ranking of the best online casinos offering live casino action according to Online Casino Zed. As with the ranking on the online casino page, this is also based on a star rating. 9 casinos are rated with useful info regarding sign-ups and bonuses prominently displayed. 

The following section of the page details the various types of bonuses you are likely to encounter on live casino platforms and how each of them works. The amount of detail in this passage is incredibly helpful and will allow new players to make a smart and informed decision on which online casino offers the best promotion for them. 

The technology used in live dealer games is explained at length to give the reader a good idea of what it’s all about. This is followed by a quick summary of the various types of live dealer games you may come across. The page ends with a selection of the top developers of online casino games giving players a set of familiar names to look out for.

Finally, there is an FAQ section for anything you are still unsure about. This really is a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly wonder about live online casino games. 

Casino Bonus Page

A familiar start to this page sees a list of nine casinos rated with an emphasis on bonuses this time around. Online casinos are ranked by stars once more.

Casino bonuses are clarified in detail with the advantages of these promos explained. If you are new to online casinos it may be easy to be taken in by flashy sounding bonuses or overlook good deals. These sections will help give you a balanced view so you can make informed choices. 

This page also includes the various types of bonuses you are likely to encounter, terms and conditions surrounding these promotions, a substantial look at wagering requirements, and how they affect your offer.

The frequently asked questions section covers bonus spins, bonus codes, and comp points among other things.

How to Play Page

Unsurprisingly, the how to play section is all about teaching you how to play various online casino games. There are dedicated pages for blackjack, craps, Texas hold ‘em, roulette, and video poker. Clicking on the how to play tab does not take you to a general how to play page so make sure to select which specific game you would like to gain a better understanding of. 

Wheel of Fortune Page and Slots Page

Wheels of fortune are common in online casino games and there is a whole page to help you out with these. The casino ranking at the top of the page ranks some of the top casinos featuring games with wheels of fortune in them.

The rest of the wheel of fortune page gives more detail about these games and how to play them. The slots page is much the same with the focus on the most popular online casino game – slots.

This page starts with a few of the top online video slots available to play in Canada. The rest of the page is full of useful information about this game time and a familiar ranking for top casinos featuring slot games. These pages, like the rest of the website, are organised clearly and are perfect for online casino players looking for some guidance. 


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