Poker is Back for Good

In 2009, just 10 years ago, there was no affiliate, site or magazine report that didn’t promote a provider’s poker platform. All companies used to have (and some still maintain) a poker platform. 

Poker was a really exciting game! The companies offered Texas Holdem, or Omaha, two of the most exciting variants, which require the player to be capable, smart, calm and patient. 

Online poker created a generation of people who believed that they could make a living from poker, and many did. There had even been players who, by a simple free roll, had won thousands of dollars in tournaments. 

New players following a complete guide to poker from the experts, discovered their talent in poker and spent some quality fun time earning money at the same time. 

The operators had the role of the Club and of course, there were standalone platforms like Poker Stars, 888 poker.

The British poker player treated the game in a typically “British” way! He started with the belief that he would win them all and then realized that this was not possible and adapted to the rules of the game. 

However, the big “Crash” for poker came in April 2011 when the FBI stopped three major .com US poker websites from operating and seized money from their bank accounts. 

This development had many repercussions in the global online poker community and the result was that lots of middle level players gave up.

At the same time, the game was hit hard by social poker rooms that got a large chunk of players playing for fun and not for profit. 

British poker players followed the trend, but as we can now see, based on numbers, poker is slowly but steadily making a comeback in the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that the game, even past its “glory days”, kept developing and investing in new, more user friendly mobile applications, faster connections and new promotions and tournaments. All poker operators worked hard to bring poker back in the limelight.

Poker is a card game where you need to be always alert. If you are a beginner, learn by the professionals reading poker guides written by them and create your own poker strategy mixed with your ideas.

However, you don’t have to be a professional to have fun or to earn money playing poker online. Play wisely, as everybody has to do with card games and build your poker character with your standards.

Borrowing the title of the Take That song «Back for Good» I want to say that poker is back for good in the British market and deservedly so, because it is a really exciting game. You need to be careful, smart, know when to bluff, and not snap at other people’s bluffs. You can’t win all the time, and even if at times, “all in” is the big challenge, you have to remember that the Cincinnati Kid lost fictitious money in cinema, whereas you could lose very, very real money!

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