Top 10 Most Effective Coupon and Bonuses Marketing Strategies

Both online and land-based casinos use various marketing strategies to compete with other casinos. These strategies vary depending on the casino, but almost everyone uses some form of bonuses to entice players. Below, I will explore what they are and what makes them effective.

Here are the 10 most effective bonuses that online casinos use. Each one is designed to either draw in new players or keep existing ones.

Free Spins No Deposit Sign Up Bonuses

One of the best ways to draw in new players is to offer free plays. Online casinos that offer this bonus know that players can be reluctant to start playing online casino games. The offer of free spins on pokies without a deposit opens the door to these players.

Additionally, this bonus can be a great way to welcome experienced online gamblers. Competitive sign-up bonuses can be the deciding factor between the choice of two casinos.

While some examples of sign-up bonuses are for free spins they can take a couple of forms.

Deposit Sign Up Bonuses

Another form of welcome bonus is the deposit match. With this bonus, the casino will match your initial deposit. There will usually be specific conditions such as a maximum match or withdrawal conditions.

Just like the previous bonus, this one is a great way to entice new players to pick a particular casino. The casino will try to make the offer as juicy as they can afford.

This benefits the casino by increasing initial deposits. The conditions they place on the matched money put the edge on the house side.

Regular Calendar Bonuses

Once you’ve signed up for a casino they want you to stay with them. One way that casinos try to do this is with regular bonuses. Sometimes these are monthly, other times they are weekly. Holidays are often great times for these bonuses.

The bonuses can be anything the casino thinks is appealing. The important part of this strategy is to keep your patronage.

Loyalty Bonuses

Similar to calendar bonuses are loyalty bonuses. Where the latter are pre-set, loyalty bonuses depend on you. Casinos offer these bonuses to players who play often. Each casino will have different conditions for earning loyal status.

Loyalty bonuses can vary just like calendar bonuses. Some typical examples include cashback, free spins, and deposit bonuses. Usually, there are tiers that offer better bonuses the higher tier you are.

Reload Bonuses

This bonus is similar to the deposit welcome bonus. The difference is that this one can be claimed by existing players. A reload bonus works the exact same as a welcome deposit bonus except for that point.

Casinos will offer this one to keep you topping off your balance in the casino. When these offers come with conditions chances are you will lose all of the money to the casino before you can meet withdrawal requirements. Of course, if luck is with you this isn’t an issue.

Cashback Bonuses

When you get one of these bonuses you will get a percentage of any lost wagers back. The percentages will often be small. Most do not go above 20%.

No one likes to lose their money. When casinos offer cashback bonuses they are trying to soften that blow. When a loss doesn’t hurt as badly you are more likely to try again. With the small percentages, this offer usually doesn’t result in a loss for the casino.

High Roller Bonuses

Casinos offer this style of bonuses to players who frequently spend large amounts of money. The specific qualifications for high roller status will vary from casino to casino. Details for this status should be somewhere on the casino site.

Players who earn this status are clearly going to gamble a lot and frequently. It is in a casino’s best interest to keep such players at their casino. These offers are usually redeemable alongside loyalty rewards.

Featured Game Bonuses

Sometimes a casino will promote a specific game in their library. Bonuses for featured games are often free plays or bonus cash.

The reasoning behind this bonus can be different depending on the game. Sometimes a featured game is brand new or just new to the casino. Other times the featured game is a highly popular one that the casino wants to advertise.

Whatever the reason, these bonuses are much more specific than most others. This makes this style of bonus a little less popular.

Referral Bonuses

These bonuses are common to nearly every industry, not just online casinos. They can take many forms from deposit bonuses to free spins. In the online casino industry, it usually depends on how much the referred player deposits.

Referral bonuses serve two big purposes. The first is free advertising by word of mouth. They also reward the player who shares the referral which can encourage them to stick with the casino.

Cryptocurrency Bonuses

The last on the list is offered to players who deposit using cryptocurrency. These bonuses are usually just slightly better versions of normal welcome bonuses.

Casinos will offer this if they accept cryptocurrencies and want to encourage their use.

Closing Thoughts

The strategy of rewarding new and existing patrons is well-practised across many industries. Casinos that offer the above bonuses know exactly what they’re doing. They are engineered to be as effective as possible. They can still be fun bonuses for you the player either way.

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