Why does everyone in the iGaming industry talk about India?

With the world’s second largest population and a growing economy, it is only logical that India is the talk of the hour within iGaming. Both operators and affiliates have made their way east and are set to capitalize on the emerging market. 

The future of iGaming is with large, economically booming markets, such as Brazil, Nigeria and not least, India. The reason is large populations who get access to technology at an unprecedented pace. Smartphone usage increases every day, and therefore the possibility of amusing oneself with online betting, casino or poker is made available for more and more. 

Brazil, Nigeria and India for example, are inhabited by a whopping 1,75 billion people, which is around one billion (!) more than Europe. 

Out of those 1,75 billion, 1,3 are from India. 

Many European iGaming operators are already getting a lot of traffic from Indian customers, both for sports betting and casino games. 

Affiliate Leadstar Media has already established themselves in India, and Founder CEO Eskil Kvarnström says it has paid off. 

– India is one of our most interesting markets, both when it comes to potential value, but also the value that we can see already. 

Based in Sweden, and with the Swedish market as the main one, Leadstar Media are experienced when it comes to foreign territory, with websites in emerging markets such as Brazil, Kenya and of course the United States. 

– All these markets look very promising, and we are yet to find out which one is the best, says Eskil Kvarnström. However, at the moment, India is probably the most exciting one for us. 

All betting sites in India that Leadstar Media collaborates with are pleased with the results so far, according to Eskil Kvarnström. 

– Indian players have proven to be very valuable, both for sports betting and casino.

Among the challenges for operators in India is for example payment methods, as standard, European payment methods does not work well. Instead, voucher systems and e-wallets are the methods preferred by Indian customers. This is also an area where affiliates can be of assistance. 

– We try to offer the full package. In general, Indian players are not as used to sports betting and casino as for example European players. This means we need to help them all the way. From informing about payment methods and legality, to providing the best and most reliable operators, says Eskil Kvarnström. 

Read more about online casinos in India and get examples of how Leadstar Media try to provide their Indian visitors with clear information. 

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  2. With the fanatical support of cricket in India, it is no surprise to see more and more companies targeting it. If they ever get round to sorting legal online gambling and advertising they could have one of the biggest markets in the world.

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