Essential Rules of 918KISS You Might Have Missed

918KISS is an award-winning online casino, featuring more than 1,500 casino games to play every week. It takes pride in offering people some of the highest quality gaming models and systems. One of the aims of 918KISS is to ensure that betting plays out fairly.

To achieve that, the operator has provided some basic rules for players to follow. The rules are as follows:

Betting Selection: 1 x 2

You’ve got the option of selecting the away win, draw, or home win. The bet is settled at the official end of the game. Note that the extra time or penalties don’t count.

Correct Score

You can predict the correct score for the first half of full time. For the first half, you predict the scores or results during the middle of the game. For a full-time bet, you make the predictions of the results at the end.

Asian Handicap

In this type of betting, the bookmaker handicaps both the teams even before the match begins. If you take football, for example, the bookmaker will issue a goal deficit for the team that is more likely to win.

The other team gets the opportunity to start the game. The handicaps are often expressed in terms of goals. For you to win, you’ll place your bet on the handicap team to overcome the handicap. You don’t place your bet on the winning team.

Double Chance

This rule allows you to bet on two outcomes at the same time. You can win when either of the two bets is successful.

Starting First

You can bet by predicting the team that will begin the game.

Half and Full Time

You get to place your bet on the halftime or fulltime results of a game. The bet gets nullified if the match plays in the defined time.

Money Line

Money line betting involves placing a bet on the result of the game that combines two competitors. If there’s a draw, the operator refunds all the bet at the odds of 1.

Mix Parlay

This type of betting involves the bookmaker mixing the best of different games. However, the mixing will be invalid if the result affects the other bet outcome. In that case, the bet stands canceled.

Next Goal

You can bet by predicting the team that will score the next goal within the official playing time. The operator will refund your bet if the match is abandoned.

Even and Odd

You can bet on total goals or points achieved from one or more consecutive games. The operator bases the outcome on even and odd numbers. For example, 0-1 is odd, and 1-1 is even.

These rules apply to different types of bets placed on 918KISS. If you understand the rules and follow them diligently, you’ll have all the fun playing on 918KISS and increase your chances of winning big. If you have any issues playing on 918KISS, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their customer support team for assistance.

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