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If you’d like to be up-to-date informed about affiliate marketing, is undoubtedly the place, where you have to begin your research. A forum-style website, which is here to “protect affiliates interest”, as described in their logo. The AGD website, as is often called (an abbreviation) by its friends, was established back in 2010, but LCB network who currently runs it, took ownership in September, 2017. Over the years they’ve developed themselves into a reliable source of information about worldwide affiliate management.

If the site is updated

Latest news is AGD’s super plus. A team of AGD partners, along with the website’s administrator, provide reviews about a lot of websites, mostly (but not exclusively) casinos review and other affiliate review. Every review, named “profile” by the website, gives brief but accurate information about the website function and the advantages it provides for the user. Most active AGD members (according to their number of reviews per month) are presented first.

Apart from the “AGD Websites” section, there’s also the “Forums” section, where a user can find thousands of topics related to affiliate marketing. The topics could be organized by date and sponsor, but a visitor can also use the “Search” button to be guided to his topic of interest. The “Recent Posts” section up-to-date highlights all the latest information posted in forum and “Term Alerts” section is an all-information forum, where latest news and views can be found.

Special offers

In order to have access to the “Affiliate Payments” section, which is the flagship of the website providing all information an affiliate manager should need, you have to become a member of the AGD forum. You can register or hide your industry role. In addition, there’s an optional newsletter subscription, as all news could be delivered occasionally to your email. Becoming a members will give you the privilege to write reviews and posts. 

If the user experience is good

If you’re familiar with the way a forum works, then you have no difficulty to use the AGD website. The search button in “Forums” section is a great addition, as you don’t have to search manually to locate a view or post you’ve read before. Reviews are brief enough, but there should be more paragraphs and bold letters inside, to make them easier readable. The quality of information inside is near to top.  

If it is modern

How is this “modern” term defined? When you have a forum shape, you’re not flexible enough to follow all rules of modernization. The black and gold basic colors are quite interesting, but the sense you feel when visiting the AGD website is that the administrators are more interested in providing accurate information than presenting them in a modern way. That’s OK with me.

If it is social media friendly

There was a bulk interest of social media posting in 2013, but there seems to die out as years pass. Twitter account has more than a thousand followers, but there’s no stable posting. The Facebook account has more posts recently, but very few friends and followers. A strong campaign could bring a lot of visitors. 

If banner positions are good

There are specific banner positions to the right side of the main pages, named “Affiliate site sponsors” and presented downwards.  No pop-ups, no mega-banners to the front page, no carousels. They really know how to be distinctive and effective at the same time.

Final score (4,4) ♠♠♠♠

At AGD forums, information is the top priority. A good-looking website, a good start to anyone who’s interested in affiliate marketing and likes to be informed about what’s going on to the industry. They could be more famous, though, so they seem not reaching their limits. The future is theirs to explore.

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