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Betbrain is undoubtedly considered among the patriarch websites of the betting industry. Launched back in 2000, when internet betting was at the start, Bebrain has helped thousands (not to say millions)of players find their path through the global betting market. Originally an odds comparison website, Betbrain has quickly expanded to other aspects of betting marketing, in most cases being a pioneer. That’s why they have a stable global audience, allowing them to be placed among the first 200.000 websites globally.

If the site is updated

As already mentioned, Betbain’s main function is to compare odds, so it has to be updated minute-by-minute. At the main page you can explore all next matches in more than 35 different sports (of course football, tennis and American sports take the lion’s share in visits). There are three different ways matches are presented: Live, Next Matches and Popular Matches, so you can find quickly what you’re searching for.

Betbrain has also a surebet (arbitrage) service. You have to be registered in order to have access to this section (actually is another website,, but the registration is free, it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Sureet is a way of betting where users get advantage of different odds in different online bookmakers, so they get a guaranteed win every time.

In addition, there are up-to-date reviews to more than 60 online bookmakers in the “Bookmakers” section. Apart from a short review, Betbrain has a short review and (the most important) points out all offers and advantages of any specific bookmakers and answers questions such as “Is William Hill fair?” 

You can find also a “Blog” button in the upper side of the main page, but this is the most serious disadvantage of the website. This “Blog” button is completely inactive. You’re guided in a page updated last time in April, 2019 and there are a lot of deadlinks. Actually there’s no blog, as the button remains I suppose that there’s an intention of activating it somehow.

Special offers

One of the most popular sections in Betbrain’s website is the “Bookie Offers”. There’s a complete analysis about special (usually sign-up) offers of nearly every online bookmaker available. After the list, there’s helpful information about types of betting offers, bonuses, special offers for sporting events and the difference between new and existing customers free bets. Many punters visit this page to get informed about all the latest online offers.

If the user experience is good is a multi-language website, provided in 24 different languages, mostly European, but Chinese as well! If you’re not comfortable in English, you can change instantly to your native, even Hebrew, Latvian and Hungarian. This is a big plus to feel comfortable there. Navigation is simple, you can get in an odds comparison list for every match just with two clicks. Top leagues are indicated separately for your convenience. In general, seems that they’ve studied this for ages and take advantage from their vast experience.

If it is modern

Well, when you visit Bebrain for the first time you don’t actually get impressed about its modern design. No glamorous graphics, no moving carousels (except the advertising one on the top of the front page). But, whoever follows from the beginning knows that they’ve changed a lot through time: Less green and black color, more white, bigger fonts.  

If it is social media friendly

Not quite. Betbrain is a very popular website, well established into the market, so obviously administrators feel there’s no need for social media campaigns. Facebook account is nearly non-existent. Twitter account is inactive since July,2018.

If banner positions are good

Betbrain could be considered as a model website about placing banners. There’s an advertising carousel on top of the front page, coming up with the best bookmakers. In “Bookmakers” and “Bookie Offers” sections there are no banners, but instead a bold link button in every online bookmaker, guiding you directly to the website. The “Read more” button, guiding to the bookmaker’s review page, is placed downwards.

Final score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠♠

For every betting veteran, who lived up the industry expansion from the beginning, is something like a fetish. But they didn’t rest in their early glory, trying to catch the progress and provide visitor with up-to-date information and reliable odds comparison. They’re very good at it, so some omissions (no social media, no blog) have to be overlooked. 

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