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BettingLounge is a comparison site, specializing in online betting websites based in the UK. They were founded in 2016 and now they’re considered one of the best of their kind. You can find not only a lot of information concerning betting companies based in the United Kingdom (so you can decide which of them fits your needs), but also up-to-date betting offers, betting tips, guides and analysis. A really interesting effort, covering a lot of sections in the betting industry.

If the site is updated

They should be, or else they’d lose their credibility. The “Betting Sites” section is updated regularly, when there’s a review of a new site operating in the UK. The website’s innovation is a Spartan review approach, trying to describe every website with a few words, focusing on the positive tips. You can list the sites by many ways, such as “best bookmakers”, “best offers”, “best free bets”, “new bookies” and “football bookies”.

The “Betting Tips” section is one of the most updated in these websites, operating as a real betting blog. The tips are frequent and are divided in different sections, such as “Acca Tips”, BTTS tips”, “Bankroll Builders”, “Daily Doubles” and “Tasty Trebles”. Tips are absolutely free and well expounded.

Betting guides are also present, but they cover only a few sports. There has been an effort lately to refresh all information.

Special offers

The “Free Bets” section is the website’s big weapon, trying to gather all free bets around in one page, so a visitor would have a clear and full picture of what’s around. The best promotions could be listed separately. This is very useful, as the user could isolate the offers which are really interesting by his personal view. Apart from accuracy, the website offers quickness as well: With the “claim” button, present in every offer, you can visit instantly the site in question and take advantage of the offer the same minute. The other big plus is that terms and conditions of every offer are clearly mentioned, so you don’t need to search all around for hidden traps. 

If the user experience is good

The central idea about this comparison site is find everything you want quickly and clearly. A basic menu guides the user within seconds. If you like it easy and clear, you’ll find it really useful. You won’t be lost in numerous confusing details. It’s true that the general approach of other betting comparison websites is adding some extra glamour, with juggling banners, illuminating signs and impressive articles about super offers. That’s something different, more terrene, just like an instructions manual.

If it’s modern

A visitor is not impressed by the website’s graphics, presentation or menu. But this minimalist sense, white color all around, a hidden menu (more complete) appearing on request (click on the right side) is like focusing on the really useful facts you can find in there. I wouldn’t describe BettingLounge as a modern website, but that’s not the point. It’s clear that they don’t follow fashion trends, they want to create an alternative style.

If it’s social media friendly

Some of the tips are presented also in their Twitter account, which is the only active social media I’ve found. Only about 300 followers take advantage of these tips, though. If they’d like to attract audience through the social media, as dozens of other websites do, they should work more in this section. The Facebook account is almost completely inactive.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the online bookmaker’s entries themselves, there are no advertising banners at BettingLounge. The only position other than lists of online bookmakers’ reviews and offers is a top front-page horizontal banner, presenting the best three offers appearing to the website. This is a good position, but it seems that appearing online bookmakers change frequently, so it’s rather a content shortcut rather than ads.  

Final Score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

BettingLounge appears to give raw information, such as reviews, offers, lists, tips, guides and analysis of certain betting events. If you’re a UK resident and would like to have quick and accurate views about online bookmakers with a UK license, you’ll find it more useful that is appears at first sight. 

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