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2015 is one of the biggest websites for mobile casino gaming on the web. If you’re a casino enthusiast, you’d already know that your mobile phone could easily guide you to all exciting casino games, just by downloading a specific online casino app. By visiting this website you can find some of the best real money casino apps & mobile phone casinos. Even if you’ve never downloaded a casino app before, you’ll find useful information about the procedure, the bonuses and the extra benefits available to you.

Instead of presenting online casino websites, which can be reached through desktops, laptops or tablets, is focusing on mobile apps. This is an innovation and a step forward, as the mobile gambling is the industry’s new trend, attracting millions of people worldwide. If you’d like to get accurate and quick information about this kind of staff, it’s a website you should visit.

If the site is updated is focusing on presenting mobile apps through lists. In the front page you can see four main lists:

  • The “Top Casinos” one, which differs, depended on the country you reside.
  • The “App Download Charts”, where the most popular mobile apps are presented (with a specific number of recent downloads).
  • The “Newest Casino Apps”, presented through an internal evaluation star-system (5 stars=excellent).
  • The “Newest Casino Deals”, where you find the latest bonuses and extra benefits offered by online casinos having a mobile app.

The main menu, presented on the top, has four main sections: “Casino Apps”, “Games”, “Bonus” and “News”. For your convenience, the “Casino Apps” section has a dropdown list of more than 20 different sub-sections, such as “Top Casino Software”, “Payments”, “Countries” and “Special Casinos”, so you can find quickly what you’re looking for. If you choose to visit the main “Casino Apps” section, you’ ll find a huge alphabetical list of all casino apps presented in the website (about 800)!

The “Games” section is full of analytic reviews of about 200 games you can play through your preferred mobile app. Every single of them is presented by more than 250 words and you can find all critical information to decide is it’s suitable for your needs.

However, the “News” section is not so complete. Starting from June 2015, there is about 50 newsletters concerning offers and bonuses by mobile apps.

Special offers

The “Bonus” section is filled with over 550 different bonuses and offers from various online casinos with a mobile app. These offers contain mainly first deposit bonuses and free spins. You can also be informed if you’re accepted depended on your residence (If the casino app is available to your country)  and a critical number of popularity, how many times the specific bonus has been used.

If the user experience is good

When visiting websites like this, two crucial things count: Quickness and accuracy. You can easily be confused with the huge number of apps and bonuses available, but it seems they’ve down all this dirty work, as with their evaluation system the best apps appear first and you can easily compare them. You can find crucial information with a few clicks. The most important comparison figures are highly presented and are not hidden in the text.

An additional plus is that you can choose a language you’re familiar with. The website is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian,Danish, Finnish and Polish.

If it’s modern

There are some signs of modernity, but there’s no need such website conversion. The blog-like structure is sufficient for the visitor’s needs. The white color gives a sense of clearness and transparency, which is crucial in these comparing websites.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There’s no presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other of popular social media.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,5) ♠♠♠♠ is a website dedicated to mobile apps. This is something new (as in many sites the mobile applications are completely absent or exist as a subsection), which can be easily read as a step to the future. They keep on filling in the website with more apps and games reviews.

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