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If you’re confused about the great bunch of casino sites flooding the internet, you need reliable advice on which to choose. tries successfully to fill this gap, providing a complete website with lots of information about online casinos, offers, bonuses, software and news. It also contains useful guides on how to play casino games from your desktop, tablet or even your mobile phone. Over the years the website has evolved to be one of the leading sources of information about worldwide casinos.

If the site is updated is not a news-focused website, but is does have to be updated every minute about what’s going on in the casino industry worldwide. After all, that’s the way they’ve built their reputation. The “news” section, where you’d wait for a stampede of news, is poorly updated and contains only newsletters, prepared by casinos themselves. However, the updates are accurate in the “Bonuses” section, where you can find the latest bonuses of all casinos reviewed on the website. 

In fact, there are reviews for more than 100 online casinos, so you can surely find the one which matches your needs, and also a series of casino guides (but as this “Guides” section contains only a handful, I’d like to have more of this).

Special offers

The “Slots” section is extremely analytic, as it’s divided in various sub-section to make searching more comfortable even for the first time visitor. From “Best Slots Top 100” to “Jackpot Slots”, the main target of the website is to get to your favorite website with just one-two clicks. The “Casino Bonuses” section is well organized also, containing the sub-sections “1st Deposit Bonus”, “Exclusive Bonus”, “New Casino Bonus”, “No Deposit Bonus”, “High Roller Bonus” and “Cashback Bonus”.

If the user experience is good

You can understand the website structure from the first second of your visit. is addressing users who’d like to have all information visible in one screen. That’s the main purpose of the horizontal yellow menu: The main 7 categories are further divided into almost a hundred different sub-sections! The “Casino Software” section has no less than 65 subsection itself, containing all popular casino software providers. So, quickness in searching and finding is the website’s big plus.

The quantity of information provided is huge, but the quality is also high. Searching the website I wondered if it’s something concerning the casino industry that I couldn’t find. I found nothing. Perhaps there is, but you think that it’s there and somehow you missed it.

If it’s modern

Well, this structure of the horizontal menu with lots of sub-menus is a little old. The new trends are news and articles carousels, moving menus, pop-up windows  and always expanding front pages, according to the user’s scrolling. Obviously, the website is not modern, but is completely functioning. This is what a visitor needs from a website providing information. The black background color is adding prestige, but it’s not depressing, thanks to the background caricature of a gambler in front of a roulette. The newsletter mouse over window is an innovation hardly seen is this category of websites. Worth to mention that the website has an IP recognizing function, so in the front page informs you whether there are casinos available in your native language.

If it’s social media friendly

Not at all. In fact, this is the first casino portal which appears to have no social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media are a white canvas for the website’s administrators. They should really try having active accounts on social media to attract more visitors.

If banner positions are good is a mainly casino-advertising portal, but also uses banner ads along with reviews and casino lists. Banners are located peripherally, the main one (and larger, too) is on the right side of the front page. There are also banners on top and bottom of the lists (the bottom banner is nearly double than the top, but it’s hardly seen).

Final Score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

Casinogamesonnet is a leading online casino portal. Its goal is to deliver information about online casino games and online casinos. Since they are familiar with the online casino world, hopefully they can give you relevant information about games and casinos. The website is full and easy navigable, they need only an expansion to guides and social media. 

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