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CasinoSlots (CS) was created in 2011 and aims to be informative and entertaining for all you slot lovers out there. CS is a place to read about new slot releases, play free online slots from all the varieties of casino softwares as well as connect with people from across the globe that share a common interest – gambling online! 

If the site is updated

CasinoSlots News section is updated a few times per week, there are also articles published on a regular basis in the ‘Slots’ section. Things get more tricky when we look into reviews. There are lots of them available, but it’s impossible to know how often they are added these days. Especially when we see “Sorry, there is no slot that matches your criteria.” after using a filter for ‘New’ reviews.

However, when we did the same in ‘Casino’ section, we got reviews listed as ‘New’, so it seems there are new reviews published there after all.

Special offers

CasinoSlots has a ‘Bonuses’ section available and definitely, it’s one of the most impressive features on the website. Our only complaint here will be quite weird, as when using ‘Slot Bonuses’ filter there were so many of bonuses available that it needed longer than usual to load. Maybe it should be split into few parts… or it’s just a reminder for us that we should upgrade our laptop.

If the user experience is good

Personally, we found CasinoSlots.net to be a little messy. There’s no question that the amount of content published there is hugely impressive, and the website is a big help to all casino/slots players. But using a different rating system in reviews for Casino and Slots doesn’t look like a great idea, same goes for publishing ratings without a specific review being completed. 

There are also smaller things, like the fact that articles in the ‘Slots’ section are placed from the oldest to the newest, which to us seems like a wrong idea. The articles itself deserve some exposure on the main website too.

Another thing bothering us is a ‘Casino warning’ section. The idea is, of course, excellent, as potentially it can help players to avoid some dangerous situations. But we don’t really understand how it’s possible for a casino to be given a warning and yet having a rating over 5.0 in 10 points scale.

If it is modern

The website itself is looking professionally and gives a vibe of a serious and valuable source of information. The main site also gives a good job of previewing what’s available in specific sections. White background and a variety of colours used there make CS a quite eye-pleasing to visitors. 

If it is social media friendly

Casino Slots has Twitter and Facebook updated on a regular basis. However, posts there are only exclusively about new articles for the ‘News’ section when we think using social media to give some exposure to new reviews would be a better idea.

CS also has Youtube and Instagram accounts listed on the website, but both were not updated for a few years. 

If banner positions are good

Casinoslots.net doesn’t show any interest in placing banners.

Final score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

CS is a valuable source of information for casino and slots players. We found ‘Bonuses’ section to be especially impressive and despite our earlier remarks having something like ‘Casino Warnings’ is a nice addition as well. Still, we found a few things that potentially could be done better, so that’s why CasinoSlots.net finishes with a good and not a very good score.

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Contact details

Affiliate’s name: Casino Slots

Company Website: https://casinoslots.net/

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/casinoslotsnet

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CasinoSlots-292229901373083/

Contact of Affiliate Manager:marketing@latestcasinobonuses.com  

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