According to the site The Club Poker was born in France in 2002, initially of course with news published in French language. Now it’s the biggest poker website in France. In October of 2015, the English language version was added and since then En.Clubpoker.net is trying to build up their presence among international poker websites. In our review, we will focus on the English version.

If the site is updated

En.Clubpoker.net has a professional looking news section, which is updated around every 24-48 hours with poker related news from around the world. Probably there are websites with a higher amount of news published, but we found the ones written by ClubPoker to have plenty of depth. Seems like quality over quantity rule is in work there.

Others sections seem also to be updated reasonably, with poker tournaments schedule and other time-sensitive information being provided when it’s needed.

Special offers

En.Clubpoker.net has sections called POKER SITES and POKER BONUS with reviews of various poker websites and bonuses with special bonus codes offered by them.

If the user experience is good

For a non-French poker enthusiast En.Clubpoker.net looks like a solid resource. There are nice additions here like Poker Map and Casinos Map, which at least for visitors from Benelux and Western Europe countries seems to be working well. Poker tournaments schedule is updated when needed and in general, the website has enough information on upcoming events.

If it is modern

En.Clubpoker.net has a neat and tidy look of a professional mid-level website. Everything is clear and clean, the site also is working well on mobile devices. After spending some time there we found it to be quite eyes-friendly and easy for a visitor to surf around.

If it is social media friendly

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are working well. They are both updated when the news is published on the website. They don’t seem to have a high number of followers though, which suggests English version of this site is still struggling to get a foothold on hugely competitive market of international poker websites.

If banner positions are good

This website has a special section, ADS & PARTNERSHIPS, with detailed information on banner options. There are a few of them, and at least for the moment, they all seem available.

Final score (4,0) ♠♠♠♠

En.Clubpoker.net is a solid resource. Even if it looks like a smaller and weaker brother of their French version, it still offers a decent option for a Poker enthusiast.

Main Traffic Markets

United Kingdom, Belgium, France

Contact details

Company Website: https://en.clubpoker.net/

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClubPoker_

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/en.clubpoker.net/

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