Grisliness provides users with access to a series of online casino websites and applications. You can also get involved with a foreign lottery through this website. Users will find all of the information needed to start playing the games they enjoy, either free or paid, with only a couple of clicks.

The presentation of the website is streamlined and easy to understand. You can quickly find what you want to play or learn about when using this platform.

If the site is updated

Griseflaks contains dozens of informative articles that can teach you how to play new online games. You can learn about strategies that can help you to make money, find a reputable casino, and start having some fun.

Some of the advice is over-the-top in its approach. “You can improve your chances of winning roulette by over 60%!” is an example of this issue. 

Special offers

Users can access a list of special offers that are available through Griseflaks. Paying players have access to a variety of bonuses based on the online casino they prefer to use. Some of the proposals are as high as 500%.

You also have the option to earn free spins with online slots when using Griseflaks for your signup process. It’s a simple and straightforward way to ensure that you get more value for your initial investment.

If the user experience is good

Griseflaks provides a streamlined website that provides comfortable navigation points to use. Although all of the information is in Norwegian, Google Translate can take care of the issue without much difficulty.

The upper menu offers access to a series of information options that can help you to learn more about gaming and gambling. Included links allow you to play Bingo, online scratchcards, or participate in a foreign lottery.

Tipping and betting advice are additional segments worth reviewing on this website.

If it’s modern

This platform uses a mobile-friendly structure so that users can quickly find the casino they want to try. It uses a responsive platform that makes it easy to read the published content on a smartphone or tablet. 

If it’s social media friendly

There isn’t a social media presence for Griseflaks. This affiliate doesn’t bother using Facebook, Twitter, or other tools to promote themselves or the casinos they represent. This issue is a definite area of improvement to consider.

If banner positions are good

The website provides a series of banners above the fold that allows users to go to the most popular games offered by Griseflaks. Then there is a list of additional casino sites that you can visit, join, or obtain more details about if you want to pursue paid gaming. 

Final Score 4.7 ♠♠♠♠

This website provides a simple list of casinos to consider looking at while offering access to popular games under its own branding. It provides users with access to informative articles about gambling and gaming. There is also an overview of different game types that you can find at modern online casinos.

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