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Ihre Consulting is a broker between the affiliates and the operators. Company represents over 100 gambling operators across all territories and verticals. 8 years in the business, so if you are looking for new deals and need some expert advice Ihre Consulting are the agency for you.

Ihre Consulting assist affiliates with new deals and new operators across all products: casino, sportsbooks, poker, bingo and lottery and in all geographical territories.

This portal able to advise and suggest just how to penetrate different markets. They have directly contacts for staff/marketing managers in these locations.

  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Global contact network
  • Working across various territories
  • Highly experienced team

This website also have very dedicated and experienced contacts in the following areas and are happy to provide introductions where applicable: Fraud and Payments, Online & Offline Design, Translation, Recruitment & Brand Management.

If the site is updated

Ihre consulting is not an informative site, so waiting for some updates does not make sense.

This affiliate does not sell goods, but only has third-party partner links on others sites.

Special offers

If you are an affiliate, they don’t charge a penny for their services; instead, they charge the operator. Ihre Consulting do not operate any form of an affiliate network as his approach is to broker the best possible deal for each individual affiliate. Once agreed by the affiliate and the operator, they personally introduce you to your affiliate manager to sign up an official and direct affiliate account with the operator. Your account will be created to the pre-agreed deal and you’ll be provided with everything you need to get started.

If the user experience is good

They perfectly understand both sides of the business and they are fast & reliable like no others in this industry! We can only give Ihre Consulting best recommendations if you are looking for a huge network of operators!

If it is modern

This is the case when the portal is nice to look visually. He is not overwhelmed with information, simple and clear at first glance. Whether you are affiliate or operator you at once find all your necessary information.

If it is social media friendly

Ihre Сonsulting has Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram but the information there is not updated at all. And in fact, these pages can simply be abolished.

If banner positions are good

Obviously, this resource is not intended for banner advertising. His goal is completely different.



Final score (4.9) ♠♠♠♠

Ihre Consulting helps companies (operators, media companies, technical providers etc) and affiliates find mutually beneficial partnerships which will add growth and better margins to their business. Their priority is to identify possibilities for connecting various companies and work towards these connections which will offer new opportunities and solutions to existing problems.

Contact details

Ihre Consulting

Your go-to Affiliate Network


COO: Claire.wellard@ihreconsulting.com

Head of Affiliates:katerina.milfaitova@ihreconsulting.com






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