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2009 (LBB) provides extensive reviews including promotional offers, many of which are exclusive. Site visitors are presented with the real deal by their team of real bingo players. LBB also presents the latest site launches, industry news and maintains a strong forum community complete with a rewards program for registered members.

If the site is updated

We usually start checking it with a ‘News’ section and this review wasn’t different. ‘News’ section at LBB is updated often enough, sometimes it means more than one news per day but there are also days without a fresh article.

It’s difficult to learn about other sections updates frequency, but there were a few Bingo sites added to the website this month, so there’s a substantial activity also in this area.

Special offers

There is a lot of information about special offers, promotion and bonuses. Not only it’s an important part of rankings and reviews published on the LBB website but also ‘News’ section focuses heavily on it.

If the user experience is good

Definitely. All major sections are very well done and offer a lot of valuable information. LBB website claims to have 402 sites reviewed, and even if we didn’t count them personally it’s clear there’s a lot of them available. Reviews we checked seemed to be done in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion. They not only include websites recommended to visit but also “Blacklisted”, “Sites with warnings”, and “Sites on Probation”. We consider a very nice idea, as it definitely helps visitors when navigating through the bingo world.

If it is modern

LatestBingoBonuses is a part of LatestCasinoBonuses (LCB) network. So, it’s no surprise that the LBB website looks almost exactly the same way with colours (lighter and warmer compared to LCB) being the only exception. The website runs well, including the mobile version.

If it is social media friendly

Unfortunately, not really. Twitter was not updated since January, and the last time updates were published with any regularity was October-November of last year. Facebook is doing better, but it’s not an actual LBB feed but LCB one. Updates there are frequent but they seem to rarely include anything related to Bingo.

If banner positions are good

Do not try here to find a place for an advertising banner. This resource is not designed for this.

Final score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

LatestBingoBonuses is definitely one of the top websites offering Bingo content. LBB reviews are very nicely done, with other sections also looking solid enough. Lack of social media activity is probably the only serious weakness and something which prevented us from giving an even better final score.

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USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand

Preferred business model

Affiliate Marketing, Bingo Reviews

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