Leadstar Media takes the US by storm

After three years of continuous expansion, the Swedish-based online lead generation company has launched two new sites in the US. A decision that comes hot on the heels of the US senate’s 2018 monumental decision to legalize sports betting.

The patchwork effect that currently exists across the US, with states in various stages of the legalisation process, may have left many of us frustrated, but for the guys at Leadstar it’s been the perfect opportunity to grab a seat at the table.

Capitalizing on the mixture of opportunity and confusion in the US, Leadstar Media have carved out a niche for themselves. Their first site UnitedGamblers provides visitors with all the latest information regarding online sportsbooks and casinos state-by-state. It even includes a colour-coded map that indicates the current situation for each state. By making sense of the gambling quagmire in the US, they can connect affiliates with the right customers.

Leadstar Media’s model has filled a similar void in a number of other markets, like Brazil, where the level of awareness has been disparate and the demand for a high-quality, trustworthy comparison site was high. It seems to be working – the company have also launched sites in Spain, Germany, UK, Italy, India and the Scandinavian markets.

Their second site BettingScanner is focused entirely on finding the best sportsbook for its visitors. BettingScanner, like its sister site, connects its visitors with a sportsbook that are active in their region but also connects them with the best sportsbooks for their particular sport of interest. The site has placed a lot of emphasis on the four main Major Leagues in the USA, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

The protracted state-by-state process turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Leadstar Media. The ah hoc nature of the legalization process has given Leadstar Media, with a team of experienced online gambling enthusiasts an opportunity to enter the US market gradually. As each state comes on board, they can focus their attention on a state-by-state basis.

Out of the twelve states that has legalised online betting New Jersey is Leadstar Media’s primary state of focus. With a welcoming tax rate and unrestrictive regulation, the state has set itself apart from its competitors. Nevada was largely expected to dominate the online gambling scene, but the Nevada Gaming commission implemented a policy that required online gamblers to sign-up, deposit and withdraw in person. This policy was implemented in Rhode Island, with detrimental effects.

Pennsylvania and Indiana are also two states that feature heavily on their websites and updates. The two states have finally got the ball rolling, with sportsbooks starting to set up shop in within state borders.

It comes as no surprise that both Leadstar Media’s sites have placed a huge emphasis on mobile wagering in the US since it accounts for 80% of all bets placed. They have also done their homework when analysing American sport betting habits, offering detailed information about each sportsbooks in-play features.

Setting up two US-based sites in close succession is a real statement of intent from Leadstar Media, who obviously believe there is real value in the US market. Like the rest of the US betting industry, Leadstar Media will look forward to 2020, when many more states are expected to come online.

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