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Before your first visit to, you’re expecting a bonus-dedicated online casino website. After your first visit, you should admit that it’s way more than that. You don’t just get information about various bonuses and offers of worldwide online casinos. You have a clear view of what’s going on to the global online casino industry with just a few clicks. website doesn’t fear to show numbers, which others hide. The “Visits” number, which let you understand each casino’s popularity among the website users, is a key figure, such as the “Likes/Dislikes” buttons. As they gather big numbers of daily visitors, these numbers cannot be manipulated and add to the websites transparency, which is the main motto.

If the site is updated

Most websites offering information about online casinos have an extremely big number of reviews about casinos operating in different parts of the world. I’ve bumped into decades of them offering over 1.000 reviews. But only this one is proud of containing ALL 1902 casinos of the world. This is quite impressive. It’s really difficult to assure you that this is the exact number (as there are certain additions and removes from the specific list almost every week), but they create a sense of plurality. is on the market since 2015. It’s enough time to build a trust relationship with the visitors. All these years they tried hard to create reliable content. The lists aren’t based on words and administrator views, but on numbers and visitor’s comments.  

The Casinos section is an endless list, but you can easily shorten it with a number of filters in the right side, based on your country of origin, your preferred currency, on bonuses and offers, on software available, on payment methods, even on if they have a mobile app or a live dealer. Newest casinos appear first, and of course the website’s personal views are present with the editorial-style “casino of the month” section.

The Games section is equally full, containing a huge list of some 8.300+ different casino games. Each one of them is presented with a video trailer, a list of similar games and a list of online casinos operating legally in your country which offer this specific game. You can also search the list and filter it with game types and game software buttons.

Special offers

When you have an impressive name like nonstopbonus, you have to prove it. As mentioned above, this is not a bonus-only website, but the bonuses and offers are a main part of the website’s offered information.

The bonuses are presented by date rather than other ways. Even at the main horizontal menu, where the “Bonuses” button exists, you’re informed about the exact number of bonuses available in the website for this specific day. There’s a complete list with all bonuses and you can get additional information with various terms and conditions, but also instruction of how to claim the bonus.

You can also search the bonus list with a number of filters, such as bonus categories (Mobile, European, USA etc.) and bonus type (First deposit, no deposit, free spins etc.).

If the user experience is good

Looking at all those big numbers and lists, you firstly think that it’s too big to handle and you could easily be lost out. But this is not happening. The website is structured in a user-friendly way, you can easily find what you want and you get a lot more extra choices to compare. Especially the bonus section is really trustworthy. 

If it’s modern is as modern as they’d like to be. They have a specific philosophy in presenting their information and creating the lists and they don’t seem to bother changing it because “it’s not modern nowadays”. This is rewarded by the visitors, and that’s what counts in the end of the day. The black and red colors add prestige and they’re always modern.

If it’s social media friendly

They don’t seem to put effort on attracting audience through the social media. The Twitter account has been created since the website’s launch (2015), but is rather inactive. There’re no Facebook or other social media accounts. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the online casino lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons.

Final Score (4,7) ♠♠♠♠

Actually, this is a nice place to surf around. You’ll find a lot of information presented quickly and accurately. You feel that someone is working for your own sake to provide the most up-to-date lists and bonuses, so you don’t miss anything before deciding which online casino is matching your need. 

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