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2007 could be considered as a veteran website in the gambling industry. Launched back in 2007 as a “hobby” site, when the online casinos were not as popular as they are today, they tried to establish a catalogue with as many slot machines reviews as possible. Through the years the website has developed new sections, according to the new trends. Now they’re a well-known point of up-to-date information about slot machines. Their strong point is the real money slots and the analytic presentations of almost all popular casino apps available.

If the site is updated

If you’re a casino enthusiast and would like to get a true Vegas slots taste, this is the right place to be. There are many updates about almost all games available in the world gambling Mecca. Everyone of the main website section has a lot of up-to-date content regarding Vegas games and focusing on slot machines.

Instead of trying to tuck many main categories into one single line of main menu (something almost all other websites do) has created two main menus! The higher one, outlined in black color, is a more general one with “Vegas World”, “Table Games”, “Video Poker” etc. buttons.

The second one, in light blue, is focusing on slot machines. There are different sections about “Free Slots”, “Real Money”, “New Slots”, “Vegas Slots”, “Casino World” and “More Slots”. Two of them (Vegas Slots and More Slots) are further providing drop-down lists with more sub-sections. So, there are more than 20 main categories to choose just one click away from the front page, this is a big plus. You can also search the website though a “magnifying glass” button at the top right side.

Every slot machine review contains a short description and a trailer video, where you can see for yourself the excitement of the specific game and decide. The upper menu is functioning as a presentation list, although there’s no rating on websites and casinos.

Special offers

There are special offers section in both main menus. At the upper one you can choose from the “Claim Bonus” list, providing the best deposit bonus offers from 10 recommended online casinos. There’s also a short article explaining the matched deposit casino bonus and how it is claimed. 

The “Free Slots” section is full with various online casino games, where you have free slots. There’s a huge collection of about 2.000 such games, one of the biggest I’ve bumped into. The “Real Money” section contains a list with the best 10 casinos offering real money bonus, depending on the first deposit.

If the user experience is good

If you’re looking for slot machines reviews, you’ll find everything you want quickly. There’s a well-designed site map, providing all information with just a few clicks. There’re a lot of articles available, especially in the “Table Games” section, but the website’s big plus is the variety of slots available. In this particular section they’re not only the pioneers, but also one of the best online.

If it’s modern

I couldn’t tell. Actually, it looks like the website hasn’t change its layout since first launched in 2007. But as the website’s administrators states in “About Us” page, “I started the site so I could play my favorite slot machine games online and also, so other people could enjoy these games too. Having my own slots site meant I could enjoy the games without all the spam that other sites were (and still are) bombarding me with”. So, there was no need for any innovation, other than filling in the site’s sections with fresh, up-to-date and reliable content.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, they don’t seem to care about attracting an audience through social media accounts. There’s no presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other of popular social media. 

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,3) ♠♠♠♠

This is a helpful too for anyone searching for reliable information about slots. Having a nearly 15-year experience to the industry, the offers regard some of the best online casinos available and the collection of slots is huge.

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