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In some cases, experience speaks for itself. Established back in 2003, when online poker was at its infancy, pokernews.com has grown up just like the global interest on poker. The steps were not easy, though. A lot of work has been done to transform a news-oriented website with a schedule of next tournaments into an informative cornerstone about the poker world. Now it’s a complete poker guide, trying to get into the casino business as well.

If the site is updated

Having a “News” and “Videos” section means that up-to-date information is a top priority at pokernews.com. You can have easy access to stories on World Series of Poker, various major poker tournaments around the globe, online poker offers and promotions, even be informed about the different regulations about playing poker online, depended on the country you live. You can receive all those information even by Podcast, an innovation well appreciated for those who find reading boring.

The “Videos” section has a bunch of interesting videos containing highlights of major tournaments and interviews with some of the greatest stars of poker worldwide, who tell their story and give useful advice to evolving stars.

There’s also the “Strategy” section, where a user can find lots of information about games, rules, tools, terms, even books to read about poker. A thesaurus of tips for those who’d like to give it a shot even professionally. The “Tournaments” section gives a detailed schedule about poker tournaments especially in the US, but in some cases also in Europe.

Special offers

A major offer to users is the “Poker Rooms” section. There a user can find useful information about online poker rooms, mobile poker sites, instant play poker, real money poker and a rating of best internet poker sites to choose. There’s also lists about Live Card Rooms, Mac Friendly and Linux Poker Rooms, information about deposit options and a useful up-to-date US map showing where in the country poker is legal and in which states regulation is currently under discussion.

As mentioned before, pokernews.com is trying to expand to the casino market as well, taking advantage of the vast experience on poker. There’s a “Casino” section dedicated to this, containing three sub-sections, a list of “Best Online Casinos”, “News” and “Reviews” on various casinos.

If the user experience is good

There’s no need to write much about it: If you’re interested in poker, there’s no other place you’ll find more information. A visitor finds what he wants with a few clicks, all news is up-to-date and there are plenty of tips to follow about strategy and online games.

If it is modern

Well, I could say that pokernews.com is the most modern of the pioneering worldwide poker websites. The design is as serious as it should be for a news portal. There is no scroll-down news (last years trend), but the whole website presentation is fitting the standards.

If it is social media friendly

A lot of work has been done on the social media. There are over 130.000 likes on Facebook page, more than 120.000 Twitter account followers and more than 90.000 Instagram followers. These huge numbers have evolved from regular posting of all news presented on the website as well. This helps the website attract new users.

If banner positions are good

Advertising banners are present, but there’s no overdose (except some pop-up ad windows when visiting the main page, but this is something I’ve bumped into almost all top-visited websites). There are banner positions on the right side in every section page and some banners inside the text. No news-transformed banners on stories, this is an honest policy from their side.

Final score (4,8) ♠♠♠♠♠

There’s no surprise that pokernews.com has won the “Best Affiliate in Poker” award five times during the six last years. They’re a pioneer flourishing into a powerhouse and deserve to be treated as such. There’s always space for improvement but, generally speaking, there are only minor things to change.

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Contact details

Affiliate’s name: Pokernews

Company Website: https://www.pokernews.com/

Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pokernewsdotcom

Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/pokernews

Company Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/pokernewsdotcom

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pokernewsdotcom/

Contact of Affiliate Manager:  https://www.pokernews.com/contact.htm

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